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Spiritual journey to Egypt

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A spiritual journey to Egypt is your way to enter that new age of miracles. Miracles can happen to all of us but we have to know how to create our own. A spiritual journey to Egypt’s main purpose is to balance our chakras, increase our capacity for mental clarity, strengthen intuition. A spiritual journey to Egypt concentrates on the energy centers or what’s called the seven chakras. Indeed, we aim to make you move away from pain and towards pleasure.

During our spiritual journey to Egypt, we will be able to experience the struggle between our lower and higher selves. We will come face to face with the thoughts that are keeping us in a state of fear, negativity and hold us back from soaring into our higher states driven by purpose, inspiration, willingness, confidence.

As Hoffman said, the experience of complete self, Acceptance, and inner resonance unify and become harmonious with all who you are. In general, You will have the opportunity to understand, accept, and love all of you. raise your vibration and connect to your eternal nature. This resolves feelings of hopelessness, lethargy, absence of passion. In the end, you will shift from separation consciousness to unity consciousness.  It is shifting from disharmonious awareness to harmoniousness awareness.

Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx

Spiritual Journey to Egypt will give you the chance to approach the crown chakra. The Great Pyramid aligns precisely with the cardinal directions of north, south, east, and west. The sacred geometry of the Pyramids is a magnetic pulse and an absence of the consciousness of death and decay. In summary, The Great Pyramid is another level of shifting from separation consciousness to unity consciousness. It is shifting from disharmonious awareness to harmoniousness awareness. on the other hand, there were some surprises but overall you will have a great time.


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