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Nile Cruise Packages | best Nile river cruises 2024-2025

trip to Egypt is marked with opportunities to witness Pharaonic temples and to learn about Ancient Egyptian History and Ancient Egyptian civilization in Egypt tours. Goota Travel offers the best Nile cruises 2024-2025 as one of the best Egypt tour packages. Our Nile Cruise packages include all the top tourist attractions in Aswan, Edfu, Kom Ombo, and Luxor. However, the Egypt Nile cruise could be 5 days 4 nights from Luxor to Aswan, 4 days 3 nights from Aswan to Luxor, or 8 days 7 nights from Luxor to Aswan and back from Aswan to Luxor.

We offer a 5-star Nile cruise, 5 deluxe cruises, or ultra deluxe Nile Cruises. Meanwhile, all our River Nile cruises are private with private Egyptologists and private transfers. We will visit the ancient Egyptian wonders everywhere the Nile cruises stop for example


All the Nile cruise packages include the top Aswan tourist attractions such as the High Dam. Egypt Nile River Cruises stops at Philae temple (Isis temple), another Aswan tourist attraction. Philae temple on Agilika Island in Lake Nasser is an incredible Pharaonic temple.

Here, you can learn a lot about ancient Egyptian gods like Hathor, Isis, Horus, Osiris, and Bes. This ISIS temple witnessed Greco-Roman history and continued to function until the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian.

Kom Ombo

Kom Ombo has a unique temple, the only double temple we have in Egypt dedicated to God Horus and God Sobek. Kom Ombo temple is famous for its surgical instruments including scalpels, curettes, forceps, specula, scissors, medicine bottles, and prescriptions.

Thus, Kom Ombo has a perfect Calendar, Nilometer, Sanatorium, and Hathor Chapel. The tour to Kom Ombo includes the Crocodile Museum.


Fortunately, the Edfu temple is the best-preserved temple in Egypt and is famous for its scenes, reliefs, and Hieroglyphic writing. The temple tells the story of the divine marriage between Goddess Hathor of Dendera and God Horus of Edfu.

Besides, the full story of the struggle between Horus and Seth, The Nilometer, Mammisi, and Goddess Nut chapel. Edfu is the perfect Ptolemaic temple and the trip with horse carriages is fun.


The tourist attractions in Luxor are unlimited and spread on Luxor east bank and Luxor west bank. During your Nile cruise packages, you will explore Luxor East Bank and Luxor West Bank.

On Luxor East bank, you will visit the Karnak temple of Amun where you can marvel at Mut temple, Pylons, White Chapel, Sacred Lake, Obelisks, Calendar, and Khonsu temple.

On Luxor West Bank, you will visit Dendera temple, the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut where you can admire Anubis Chapel, Hathor Chapel, Punt expedition, and the divine birth of Hatshepsut.

Luxor tours include Valley of the Kings where you can visit the amazing tomb of Tutankhamun, Merenptah tomb, tomb of Ramesses III KV11, and tomb of Ramesses IX, KV6. Meanwhile, you will not miss the Mortuary Temple of Amenhotep III, Habu temple and the Colossi of Memnon.

Nile Cruise Luxor Aswan booking is very easy, just send your inquiry and you will receive an answer as possible with your requested details including the price and the name of the Nile cruise to check it.

What are the Best Prices for the Nile River Cruise?

In general, the best prices for the Nile Cruise depend on the season and the Nile Cruise category.

What is the Best Time for a Nile River Cruise in Egypt?

The best time for the Nile cruise in Egypt is from September to May. It does not mean that you can not do it during the summer months but keep in mind the average temperature is 40 degrees.

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