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12 Days Egypt Journey to the Key of Life

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12 Days 11 Nights

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Daily Tour

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12 Days Egypt Journey to the Key of Life

Together with Golavita Travel we have prepared this wonderful one for you an experiential journey through Egypt temples that carry the energy of the 7 main chakras.

Chakras are energy centers on the body and their condition directly affects your life satisfaction.

This loving journey allows you to gently and kindly release any blocks from your body (chakras), soul and mind to discover your key to life and live your full potential.

The key to life opens the door to unconditional love and compassion, joy, lightness, stability and abundance.

Are you wondering how this journey came to be?

I was led to organize this wonderful tour of the temples of Egypt in 2021, when I “accidentally” appeared in Egypt on vacation. More on my blog Wishes from the heart come true.

You will experience 2 significant energetic days on the way.

18.09. at 04:35 the full moon is in Aries and you can look forward to a meditation related to this topic.

22.09. at 14:44 the autumnal equinox occurs. This day we will visit the Kom Ombo temple, where we will connect the light and dark side in ourselves to become whole. In the afternoon we will have a festive cocoa ceremony and in the evening we will dance. The autumnal equinox is the day when the energy gates are opened and the spiritual work has a multifold intensity.


  • sparking vitality, joy, abundance and love
  • drawing on wisdom and knowledge
  • awakening the gifts of the soul
  • self-healing - topics of self-love, self-respect, self-confidence, forgiveness, unconditional love and compassion, communication of feelings and trust in intuition and higher guidance
  • healing the relationship with a partner, parents, child
  • clearing emotions of fear, shame, guilt, anger, anger, defiance, sadness, regret....
  • healing femininity, masculinity and fertility
  • clearing karmic burdens from the lineage and past lives


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Hurghada arrival

Golavita Travel Egypt representative in your Egypt Spiritual Packages will greet and assist you through immigration and customs formalities at Hurghada airport. Once you are ready, your guide will join you in our modern new brand vehicle to your hotel in Hurghada to check-in and free time at your own leisure.
lunch, dinner, snacks

Day 2 Hurghada

free day at your own leisure by the hotel beach, swimming pool.
breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks

Day 3, Hurghada Aswan

Early departure from Hurghada hotel with breakfast boxes to Aswan. On the way, we will stop for coffee, toilet, etc.
Upon arrival in Aswan, we will stay at Heissa Camp / Nuprea Hotel
Aswan is perceived as a place of new birth - birth, so it is considered the place of the 1st root chakra.
In the afternoon, we will do a joint meditation on the purpose of the journey here.
breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 4, Aswan Abu Simbel

breakfast at the hotel then start our way to Aby Simbel temples. It takes around 4 hours driving with coffee break on the way. Upon arrival, we will start our tour to the temples.
Abu Simbel
This double temple is dedicated to Ramses II. And to his wife Nefertari. In the temple you perceive the masculine and feminine energy within you. Which one dominates? Do you have a shortage or surplus?
Do you need to balance, heal or satiate your inner woman and inner man? Abu Simbel offers you all this…

Before entering each temple, we always go through the theme (given chakra) that the temple carries, so that you enter it consciously and have the opportunity to ask for healing or saturation of your theme.
The temple communicates with you and always happens what is meant to happen…
In the afternoon we will return to Aswan. After that, the program is free. In the evening we will go to the island for dinner and share feelings, experiences and awareness.
at the end of the tour, we will go back to Aswan then direct to the Nubian village where we will enjoy your lunch and tour the village. There is possibility to enjoy Henna Tattoo in one of the Nubian houses we will visit.
Later on, back to the hotel for dinner and overnight.
breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 5, Aswan Dahabiya Nile River Cruise

breakfast at the hotel, check out and departure to Philae temple
Temple of Philae is the temple of the goddess Isis and is a place of pure love.
The temple is built as a reflection of the human body, with the outer part of the temple representing the legs. As you enter the temple, you move your body upwards until you reach the holly of the saints, the head. When you connect with pure love energy, all your seemingly disparate things come together
parts together and you become whole.
This temple is a place of birth, connecting your system to the highest and purest frequency of unconditional love. It gives the opportunity to be reborn into innocent pure love, to feel safe and loved.
Here we visit the sanctuary of the goddess Isis, a place where the energy of this goddess is still present.
After visiting the temple, we will stop at the souk, a local market, where you can buy excellent spices, natural cosmetics, etc.
And then we will go to the port to board the sailing ship where we will spend 3 nights.
After lunch on the ship, there will be a free program, we will enjoy the cruise and sweet idleness.
We will discuss whether you want to stop and take a bath along the way. No, there are no crocodiles. Personally, I love bathing in the Nile, I see it as a cleansing sacred bath, immersion and surrender of what no longer serves us. It is not a great swim given the strength of this river.
In the evening we share feelings, experiences and awareness.
breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 6, Dahabiya Nile Cruise

Breakfast on the boat and then we will visit the Kom Ombo temple
Kom Ombo Temple
This typical double temple contains 2 sides of everything. The south side was built for Sobek, who represents the dark, yin and negative; and the north for Horus, who represents light, yang and positive. In Kom Ombo you are connecting to the beginning when
everything was unified, divine and whole.
Light and dark, up and down, before and after are united in one.
Kom Ombo allows your body to sort of recalibrate and unify. Accepting that both the dark and light sides are part of you.
Kom Ombo is an amazing place to rebalance your body.
Here you will find the topic of the 2nd chakra - self-acceptance - self-love, self-respect, acceptance of your sexuality and femininity, creativity and relationships with men and women.

After visiting the temple, we will go back to the ship, where we will have lunch and set sail again. After lunch on the ship, there is a free program, we will enjoy the cruise and sweet nothingness again. On the way, we can take a bath again according to the agreement. We always anchor for the night. In the evening we will share experiences, feelings and awareness from the temple. We can even dance, we'll see.
breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 7, Dahabiya Nile Cruise

breakfast on the boat, then we will go to see a farming village among the local people, then we will return to the boat for lunch, and then we will go by carriage to the temple of Edfu
Temple of Edfu is dedicated to the god Horus. It is one of the most beautiful preserved temples in Egypt. The temple shows the ancient battle between good (higher self) and evil (lower self).

The temple of Edfu is the place of the 3rd chakra - the center of personal power. This is where we store fear when we are in a negative state and do not have enough self-confidence, courage and will.
Now is the time to release the fear that is holding you back from divine love, creativity, and manifesting abundance in your life.
Here we visit the shrine of the god Horus at the back of the temple where the energy of the god Horus is still very present.
We will then return to the ship and enjoy the afternoon at leisure. We will again find time to sit together, relax, share, dance, meditate... we'll see. In the evening we will enjoy dinner on the island, local music and dancing. In the morning we sail to Esna.

Day 8, Esna Dendera Luxor

Enjoy our last breakfast on board then check-out and start our way the one of the best preserved Egyptian temple, The Heart Chakra one, Dendera temple.
Temple of the goddess Hathor
Dendera on the west bank of the Nile is one of the most magnificent temples in all of Egypt. This temple of the goddess Hathor offers a combination of Egyptian, Greek and Roman culture. You will discover breathtaking astronomical scenes on the ceiling of the temple and you will be amazed by everything you see in this temple as it is one of the few temples that has a stone roof and a famous building on top of the roof. Dendera carries the energy of the goddess Hathor, the goddess of dance, music, love and motherhood.
Dendera is a temple of divine inspiration, creative energy and passion, a template of joy that is energetically intact and available to all who desire to open and heal their hearts. You will experience the energy of an underground space that served women who could not conceive. After staying there, they soon became pregnant. How is it possible? You will find out the solution to
the mystery of this space on the spot...
You will see the temple of birth, which was a place of entertainment for women who came here to give birth and were cared for 7 days after giving birth. Next, we will visit the sanctuary of the goddess Isis with the beautiful energy of unconditional love, where the goddess Isis put together the pieces of her husband Osiris, who was killed by his brother Set and cut into 14 pieces, so that she could unite with him and conceive the son of Horus.
In this temple, the energy of the 4th chakra - the heart, the center of unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion, is omnipresent.
Then we will go to Thebes Hotel. The afternoon is a free program, you can use the hotel swimming pool on the roof of the hotel. At the end of the day, we share experiences.
breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 9, Luxor west bank

Early morning Hot Air Balloon for those for are interested, we will enjoy our breakfast before we head to Hatshepsut temple.
The Temple of Hatshepsut is a unique mortuary temple and one of the most beautiful places on the west bank of the Nile.
Hatshepsut was the daughter of Thutmose I and her life was filled with marriages to family members that benefited her so that she could rule as the only female queen of Egypt for 23 years.
Alabaster workshop
We will visit an alabaster workshop, where local residents handcraft beautiful decorative items such as vases and statues from alabaster. From other stones, they make other decorative objects such as the key of life, scarabs, pyramids, etc. It is an amazing experience of patience, precision and creativity with which they do their work. You can purchase the already mentioned key of life here as its symbol of transformation – rebirth and life-giving energy. They will engrave your name on your key to life while you wait. You can pay by card here.
Colossi of Memnon
The Colossi of Memnon is the second tallest statue in Egypt after Abu Simbel. Previously, the statues decorated the entrance of the largest mortuary temple of King Amenhotep III, which was destroyed by an earthquake.
After that we will return to Thebes Hotel , free program in the afternoon. At the end of the day, we share experiences.
breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 10, Luxor Sleeper train to Cairo

after breakfast at the hotel, free time, which you can spend, for example, at the hotel pool. Then we will leave to visit the temple in Karnak and Luxor.
Karnak Temple is the largest ancient religious center in the world. It was built over hundreds of years. The main complex is dedicated to the trinity of Luxor Amun, Mut and Khonsu and many chapels dedicated to many other Egyptian gods and goddesses. Karnak has so much to offer, but the most amazing of them all is to be yourself and show your power. What does power mean? What is the power you have?
The shrine of the goddess Sekhmet is closed to regular tourists, but we have arranged for you to be introduced to the powerful goddess, Sekhmet herself, and invited to embrace her power to make a major shift in your life.

In Karnak, we will also visit the sanctuary of Osiria, the god of fertility and harvest, where his energy is still present.
The Karnak Temple carries the energy of personal power and communication, the theme of the 5th chakra.
When you support your power with conscious communication, you will shine and become the creators of your life!

After visiting the temple, we will walk approx. 3km walk along Sphinx Avenue, the path of the gods or the sacrificial path, as this path is called, which leads to the temple in Luxor. It is a wonderful energetic experience.
It is as if you were energetically walking through your neck and letting go of all limitations and obstacles in order to awaken your star potential at the Luxor Temple. Then we will see the Luxor temple.

Those who do not want to participate in this walk can take a minibus and wait for us in Luxor and then join the temple tour.
Temple in Luxor
In this temple you will awaken your dormant star potential and also connect to the unique information in your cellular memory that describes your most awake and joyful form.
If time allows, after visiting the charm, we will also visit the papyrus factory, where you can also buy it.
Then we will go to the station and board the night train that will take us to Cairo.
The compartments are double and clean. The toilet is shared in the carriage. Dinner and breakfast are included in the ticket.
breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 11, Cairo Hurghada

after having the breakfast on board the sleeper train and upon arrival to Giza railway, we will start Giza attractions including the Giza Pyramids.
Pyramids of Giza
Upon arrival in Cairo, we will begin the tour of the Great Pyramid (Cosmic Unity). The three pyramids on the Giza plateau are known to be a very exact mirror image of what we call Orion's belt. It is known that the pyramid is exactly in line with the world directions of North, South, East and West. There is a magnetic pulse in its sacred geometry and an absence of awareness of death and decay.
Inside the Pyramid of Cheops you will become deeply aware of the connection with your intuition and divine guidance. A tour of the pyramid represents the next level of transition from consciousness of separation to consciousness of unity. You will experience your uniqueness, wholeness and divine presence. In the pyramid you can unite with the abundance of all that exists in the consciousness of truth, love, joy and bliss. You can perceive here the theme of the 6th chakra - the third eye, intuition, as well as the theme of the 7th chakra - divine guidance. The basis of awakening the 6th chakra of the third eye is to let yourself be guided by your feelings, the reality is best seen with closed eyes. The 7th chakra is then connecting to higher guidance, surrendering to the flow of life.
Let things flow and just be. You will experience feelings of bliss, surrender and flow that will relax your body and mind.
Then we will go to a local restaurant for lunch.
Visit to the sacred oil factory
After lunch, we will spend 1-2 hours at the sacred oil factory, where you will meet its owner. The owner is a spiritual man as well as a healer and will tell you about the history of the seven sacred oils. Here we have prepared a very special gift for you - personal insight and healing with this healer.
You can buy fragrance oils and chakra oils here. You can pay by card.
After visiting the factory, we will take a minibus back to Hurghada to the Hotel
breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 12, final departure

Breakfast at the hotel, swimming in the sea, relaxation, anchoring experiences and final sharing.
Check out from the hotel at 11.30 a.m. and departure to the airport.


In case of questions, write to or call 603 410 114.
We look forward to you!
Míla Aine Hlávková


  • transfer from the airport and back to the airport
  • accommodation in hotels bases on soft all inclusive
  • accommodation on a luxury private boat - 2-bed cabins with private bathroom
  • meal = breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • all-inclusive drinks on board the luxury Dahabiya Cruise
  • travel by air-conditioned minibus
  • train journey from Luxor to Aswan
  • overnight trip by sleeper train from Luxor to Giza (including dinner and breakfast) - double compartment with sink and mirror
  • entrance fees to all temples including the pyramids of Giza
  • extra entrance fee inside the great pyramid
  • entrance fees to shrines and corridors that are closed to ordinary tourists
  • personal insight and chakra diagnosis
  • support and guidance of spiritual guides - meditation, dance, sharing and individual support
  • services of a local guide - Egyptologist - interpretation of the history of temples in English
  • interpreting from the English language
  • Return ticket
  • travel insurance
  • Entry visa - 25 USD
  • Money for personal consumption - tip, WC
  • Gratuity of USD 30 for Nile cruise crew
  • Beverages during meals in restaurants or cafes
  • Optional to purchase a balloon trip for €80 - the experience of seeing the sunrise from a balloon and viewing the sights around Luxor from a height

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