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Aswan Tour from Hurghada 3 Days 2 Nights

Aswan, Egypt
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Aswan tour from Hurghada is an amazing way to explore Egypt along the River Nile. Discover Aswan attractions like the Aswan Dam, Isis temple with a motorboat, and the Unfinished Obelisk. In general, you will cross Egypt from south to north. As long as you do Aswan to Cairo, visit the great Abu Simbel temple of Ramesses II. Enjoy the sleeper train to Cairo and visit the oldest capital of Egypt.
Indeed, when we will reach Cairo, we will have the chance to explore the first stone structure in the world. the Step Pyramid, and it’s complex. Besides our visit to the miracle serapeum of Saqqara with the huge sarcophagus and tunnels inside the mountain. Unique, the pyramid of Unas with the hieroglyphics covers all the interior walls. Meanwhile, we will have the chance to visit the Imhotep Museum and have a great idea about the talented engineer of king Djoser, the founder of the 3rd dynasty.
After enjoying our lunch, we will end our day at the great pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. Explore the only wonder of the old seven wonders. On the other hand, you can enter the Great Pyramid of Cheops and the second one of king Chephren.
Take unforgettable photos from the panorama of all the Pyramids in one line. In the end, experience the sphinx and valley temple before we go back to Hurghada.
sure, you will like every stop of your Aswan tour from Hurghada, particularly the Aswan Philae temple and the Nubian village. Cairo is the city of the one thousand minarets with its mixed history of Islamic, Coptic, and pharaonic backgrounds.

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  • Abu Simbel temples - High Dam - Philae temple - Unfinished Obelisk
  • Imhotep Museum Saqqara - Step Pyramid - Unas Pyramid
  • Giza Pyramids - The Great Sphinx


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Day 1 Hurghada to Aswan

Breakfast at the hotel then we will start our way to Aswan via Luxor. We will stop at Kom Ombo temple. Kom Ombo temple is dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek and the god Haroeris. You will have the chance to look at the Egyptian calendar, the Nilometer, and the surgical instruments used by the ancient Egyptians. Here also you will have a look at the mummified crocodiles in the new crocodile museum. At the end of our tour, we will drive to Aswan.
Lunch will be taken in one of the local restaurants in Aswan. After that, we will start our Relaxing time in Aswan.
Felucca riding
After lunch, the program starts with one of the funniest and best things to do in Aswan Felucca riding which is a traditional wooden boat with sails it depends on the wind. The Felucca will gently sail from the east bank of the Nile to the Botanical gardens or Kitchener Island on the west bank of the Nile. Here in Aswan, you will watch the clear blue water and you will hear the birds singing or watch them while looking for fish like cranes and gulls.
Nubian Village
A Nubian village tour is your way to interact with the traditions and cultures of the Nubian lifestyle. You will see the Beautifully painted houses, The Souk, and the school. Explore why Nubian keep crocodiles in their houses and when they mummify them? You will visit a Nubian house and you will try the traditional Nubian tea and ladies can try the Henna Tattoos.
On the way and for those who love bird watching, you can see a lot of them on the way like kingfisher, Little Bitten Herons, and Nile Valley Sunbirds. You will pass by beautiful granite formations and small islands. Upon arrival at the Village, we will start from a Nubian vivid painted house and you will have the chance to see the real crocodiles and take some unforgettable photos with them.
We will spend the night in one of these houses and you will have time to listen to the story of the Nubians and why they were relocated to Aswan after building the high dam. Know more about their traditions and marriage and language. Ask them why and when they put a red rose on the house door and when they put green leaves. Why they do not marry normal Egyptians even if they are Muslims.
At night we can have a walk through the village’s streets and shops in case you like to buy some souvenirs. Dinner and overnight in the Nubian house.
Lunch, Dinner

Day 2 Abu Simbel & Aswan attractions

Early morning departure to Abu Simbel temples. The two temples of Abu Simbel are located in Abu Simbel village 280 km south of Aswan and 40 km to the northern border with Sudan. they are dedicated to the great gods of Egypt like Ptah, Re-Hor-Akhty, Amun-Re, and Ramesses. They were built by king Ramesses II of the 19th dynasty between 1284 -1264 B.C on the west bank of the Nile on the cliffs. The great and mysterious temples were covered with sand till they were rediscovered in 1813 by the Swiss traveler John Lewis Burkhardt. And from 1909 they were cleared away for the last time.
We will spend two hours visiting the two temples then we will drive our way back to Aswan.
We will take lunch in a local Egyptian restaurant then we will start our Aswan attractions.
High Dam
We will start our tour with the High Dam, the world's largest embankment dam since the 1960s. your guide will explain to you the purpose of the dam, the benefits of the project, the details around the dam, and if the High Dam succeeded to regulate the flow of the Nile River or not.
On your way, you will pass the Aswan low Dam and you will surely know why the Aswan Low Dam was not adequate to control the annual flooding. At the end of your tour in the High Dam, and in case you are interested to visit the memorial lotus flower shape Soviet-Egypt Friendship Monument you can.
Philae temple
Enjoy a short motorboat riding to the magnificent ISIS temple. You need to open your heart and mind to listen to your guide to the stories behind the building of this temple. Do not miss the myth of Osiris, Isis, and Seth and how the loyal wife found her husband's heart there.
Explore with your guide the Curse of the two Obelisks standing one day in front of the first Pylon and what happened to everyone involved in moving them to Kingston Palace in the UK.
Discover the best MAMISI and its function in that time. Do not miss the last Hieroglyphic text in the whole of Egypt in this temple. Look at the beautiful design of transporting Osiris’s body on the back of the crocodile from Abydos to Philae. Enjoy the French graffiti dating back to 1800 and the amazing Trajan Kiosk.
Listen from your Egyptologist guide on how the original island was submerged underwater after building the High Dam and how UNESCO launched and saved the temple to its present site. Please remember that the Philae temple was one of the last places where ancient Egyptian religion was practiced even after the spreading of Christianity.
Unfinished Obelisk
Your last stop will be the Unfinished Obelisk of Hatshepsut in the granite quarries of Aswan. The Obelisk provides a great idea about how these monuments were created. how they would have liberated the huge structure from the bedrock. Take your photos there and proceed with your guide to the next amazing stop.
At the end of the tour, we will head to Aswan train station to take the sleeper train to Cairo.
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner served on the train

Day 3 Cairo Hurghada

Upon arrival, we will start our full-day tour of Cairo attractions from Saqqara.
Step Pyramid
Saqqara, the cemetery of Memphis, the oldest capital of united Egypt. You will visit the pyramid of Djoser. It is known also as the Saqqara pyramid or step Pyramid. The site is one of the most important archaeological sites and it is the first Pyramid in Egypt and the first stone structure in history. Listen to how Djoser's vizier, Imhotep developed the tombs from Mastaba to Pyramid. You will visit the House of the South Court and House of the North Court, the Serdab, the Heb-Sed court, and the southern tomb. Now for the first time after 14 years of restoration, the step pyramid was reopened on the 5th of March 2020 and you can visit the Pyramid from the inside.
Pyramid of Unas Not much from the outside but magical inside!
King Unas (c.‪2375–2345 BC) is the last king of the Fifth Dynasty. Built 80 years after the Step Pyramid of Djoser, the Pyramid of Unas is the smallest of the Old Kingdom pyramids. It contains all the components of the royal funerary complex of the Old Kingdom. It includes the valley temple, mortuary temple, the causeway connecting them, and the pyramid itself.‬‬‬
Most people visit Saqqara to see the famous Step Pyramid of Djoser, and rightfully so, but while you are there, don't miss out on the Pyramid of Unas. From the outside, this looks like a tumble-down eroded old pyramid, but don't let the outside fool you. This is a pyramid you need to see from the inside. Descend the ramp into the heart of the pyramid. You've got to bend over and crouch your way down but it is worth it. The chambers at the bottom are the first to be covered in pyramid text, the earliest version of the Book of the Dead. And the burnished sandstone glows golden in the dim light. This pyramid will be a delightful and fun surprise.
Lunch will be taken in a local restaurant where you can enjoy Kofta with no garlic. Or I will try to arrange Camel meat if it’s possible.
Giza Pyramids
We will end with the only surviving wonder of the old seven wonders, the Great Pyramid. Listen to your guide who built the Pyramids in Egypt? And why? King Khufu from the 4th dynasty built the oldest and the largest Pyramid in Giza. The Great Pyramid is considered one of the most magnificent man-made structures in the old world.
Walk with your guide and have a look at the original entrance which is closed till now. Approach the Pyramid and see the only four blocks of the original causing cut from a very fine white limestone. Keep walking around the great Pyramid and visit one of the small Pyramids of queens and see the boat bits which contained one day the real boats of the king. Visit the solar boat (against charge) to the east side of the Khufu Pyramid and see the biggest real wooden boat found now.
Chephren Pyramid is not far from the Great Pyramid and it is the only one that still keeps the casing neat at its very top. Khafre Pyramid is the second tallest on the Giza plateau and it was built on higher ground.
You will then drive along with the worker's tombs till you reach the Panorama. The best place where you can have an amazing shot of all the pyramids together with the small ones. You can experience also camel-riding to enjoy the desert view and the Pyramids.
We will end your Pyramids of Giza tour by the Great Sphinx and the Valley temple.
At the end of the tour, we will head back to Hurghada or Marsa Alam.
Breakfast, lunch

Important Notes:

This program is a proposal that includes our route suggestions. You can consider it the starting point to a trip that can be customized according to your wishes, changing the number of days, sightseeing, etc.


  • Round transfers with an air-conditioned vehicle
  • Entrance fees for all the sights mentioned in the program
  • Night in the Nubian Village
  • All meals mentioned in the program
  • Sleeper train tickets from Aswan to Cairo and one night on the train
  • Archeologist guide
  • Drinks during the lunch in the local restaurant
  • Entrance fee for getting inside any of the Pyramids

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Aswan, Egypt
from $550

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