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Meditation Tours in Egypt | Egypt spiritual Tours Packages

Hurghada, Egypt
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Spiritual Journey to Egypt | seven chakras

Meditation Tours in Egypt and Egypt spiritual tour packages aim to balance our chakras, increase our capacity for mental clarity, and strengthen our intuition and concentration. Spiritual Egypt Tours concentrates on the energy centers or what’s called the seven chakras. Sacred Egypt Tour aims to make you move away from pain toward pleasure.

During Egypt tours, we will be able to experience the struggle between our lower and higher selves. spiritual journey put us face to face with the thoughts that keep us in a state of fear, and negativity. Meanwhile, hold us back from soaring into our higher states driven by purpose, inspiration, willingness, and confidence.

Spiritual Journey to Egypt

As Hoffman said, the experience of complete self, Acceptance, and inner resonance. Unify and become harmonious with all who you are. Mystical Egypt Tour makes you understand, accept, and love all of yourself. As a result, Egypt Spiritual Tours will raise your vibration and connect to your eternal nature.

In the end, the Sacred Journey Healing will shift you from separation consciousness to unity consciousness.  It is shifting from disharmonious awareness to harmoniousness awareness.

In addition, Egypt spiritual tours packages will help you to learn about the Ancient Egyptian Civilization including the great Pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, and Ancient Egyptian History.

Finally, the Egypt Meditation and Spiritual Tours & Package from Hurghada includes the entrance fee for all the mentioned Pharaonic chakras temples in the program with meals.

In fact, Booking Luxury Meditation Tours includes a Spiritual Journey to Abu Simbel, Aswan, Kom Ombo, Edfu, Luxor, and Cairo. Also, Egypt’s spiritual tour packages include a private transfer, a private archeologist guide, and a healer.

Book your luxury Sacred Journey healing in Egypt and balance your root chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar chakra, Heart Chakra, throat chakra, 3rd eye Chakra, and crown chakra.

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  • Visiting the Root Chakra temple
  • Visiting the Sacral Chakra temple
  • Visiting the Solar Chakra temple
  • Visiting the Heart Chakra temple
  • Visiting the Throat Chakra temple
  • Visiting the 3rd eye Chakra temple
  • Visiting the Crown Chakra Pyramid


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Day 1 Hurghada Arrival

Palma Tours representative will assist you through immigration and customs formalities at Hurghada airport. After you pick up your luggage, he will then take you in our deluxe vehicle, to your Hurghada hotel for check-in. Free time at your own leisure till next morning.

Day 2 Hurghada Aswan

Early departure from your hotel around 05.00 AM to Aswan. On the way, you will have a coffee break where you can use the WC (5 L.E) per person or enjoy your breakfast. Upon arrival in Aswan, we will check in at our hotel and then have free time at leisure till the next day.

Day 3 Aswan Root Chakra

Breakfast at the hotel then we will start early morning our visit to the temple of Isis, Philae temple. The temple is built as a reflection of the human body, with the outermost part of the temple representing the feet. As you move into the temple you move up through the body until you reach the holly of the hollies, the head. The consciousness available at Philae is pure love. When you connect with pure love energy, it brings all of the seemingly disparate parts of you together.
This temple is very important because it aligns your system to the highest, purest frequency of love that is accessible in this time and space. There is a tendency to move away from pain and towards pleasure.
After we finish our tour in the Isis temple, we will take our lunch in a typical Egyptian restaurant and then back to the hotel for a rest.
Nubian Village
The Nubian village is located on the west bank of the Nile to the south of Aswan in the first cataract. It’s the place where Nubians moved after the building of the high dam, so it is a real village and real Nubians living there with their own traditions and everyday life.
A short journey full of charming scenes like Agha Khan Tomb and Elephantine Island and the pretty houses painted in bright colors. In the Nubian village, you will have so much fun, a lot of things to do and a lot of places to visit. You will start with the school (if it's open) where you will seat in a class and the Nubian teacher will teach you something about Arabic and Nubian numbers and phrases.
Nubian Traditions
Then you will have a gentle short walk through the village roads till you will enter one of the Nubian houses and enjoy the hospitality of these kind people. They will offer a welcome drink while listening to the story of Nubian and their spoken language and their traditions. Later on, you can hold the baby Crocodile that they raise in small basins inside almost all their houses. They also sell small and cheap souvenirs or women there can make Henna tattoo for you. On the way back, we will stop by the temple of Khnum on Elephantine Island. In ancient times, Aswan was the city of Khnum the Ram-headed God. Khnum was the god of creation responsible for bringing newborns into the world. Many people that visit Aswan experience what they call a New Birth or Rebirth upon arrival. It is for this reason that Aswan is considered the Root Chakra of Egypt.
There is a chance to keep the roof of the house with a Nile view for us for about two hours to Meditate while smelling essence or listening to the music.

Day 4 Kom Ombo Sacral Chakra

Breakfast at the hotel then we will start our way to the unique double temple of Kom Ombo. This atypical double temple has two of everything. The south side was built for Sobek who represents the dark, the yin, and the negative; and the north for Horus, who represents the light, the yang, and the positive.
At Kom Ombo you connect to the beginning when everything was unified, divine, and whole. At that light and dark, up and down, before and after were unified as one. Kom Ombo enables the parts of your body to entrain to all of their ideal frequencies and resonance. It is a recalibration.
Kom Ombo is a wonderful place to work with any kind of physical imbalance or distortion in your being because it restores balance. During our visit to the Temple of Kom Ombo, we will get to experience the struggle between our lower and higher selves. This experience will allow us to come face to face with the thoughts that are keeping us in a state of fear, and negativity and hold us back from soaring into our higher states driven by purpose, inspiration, willingness, confidence, and keen awareness and vision like the falcon Horus.
At the end of the tour, we will go back to Aswan overnight.

Day 5 Aswan Luxor Solar Chakra

Early breakfast then drives to Edfu temple. Edfu Temple is dedicated to the god Horus. Edfu Temple is one of the most beautifully preserved temples in Egypt. Edfu temple is the Solar Plexus Chakra. This is where you store fear, when in a negative state. Now is the time to release the fear that is holding you back from divine love, creativity, and the manifestation of abundant life. In other words, the temple shows the ancient battle between good (higher self) and evil (lower self).
At Edfu temple, you will connect with your hidden emotions. We will visit the sanctuary in the rear of the temple – (temple of Horus), where his energy is still very present. At the end of our tour to Horus temple, we will drive our way to Luxor to check in our hotel and relax for the rest of the day or have a walk in the city.

Day 6 Luxor

Breakfast at the hotel then we start our tour to Karnak temple. The temple is the largest ancient religious center in the world. It was built over hundreds of years. The main complex is dedicated to the triad of Luxor Amun, Mut, and Khonsu with many chapels dedicated to many other Egyptian gods and goddesses.
Karnak has so many offers to offer, but the most magnificent of these is to be yourself. The experience of complete self, Acceptance, and inner resonance. You unify and become harmonious with all who you are. You will have the opportunity to understand, accept, and love all of you. You will reconnect to your signature energy and access your purpose.
Later on, we will enjoy a freshly cooked lunch in a typical Egyptian restaurant by the Nile.
After lunch, we will start our tour on the west bank of the Nile. We will visit the Valley of the kings; this is the site of the burial tombs of the Kings of ancient Egypt which are decorated with scenes from ancient Egyptian mythology — it is as if they were painted recently. You will have the chance to visit three of these opened tombs.
The next stop will be the Queen Hatshepsut temple. Hatshepsut temple is a unique mortuary temple located on the West bank of the River Nile and it is one of the most beautiful sites on the west bank of the Nile. One of the most impressive sites in Luxor and was modeled after another temple 500 years earlier temple for Mentuhotep II, Hatshepsut was the only female monarch to rule every long term for almost 23 years and she was the daughter of King Thutmose I, the half-sister and wife of Thutmose II, and stepmother of Thutmose III.
Colossi of Memnon
The Colossi of Memnon are the second-highest statues in Egypt after those of Abu Simbel. Once those statues were decorating the entrance of the biggest mortuary temple on the west bank of the Nile for king Amenhotep III.

Day 7 Dendera & Abydos Heart Chakra

Dendera on the west bank of the Nile River is one of the most stunning temples in all of Egypt. The temple offers a mix of influences from Egyptian, Greek, and Roman culture. Explore the only representative of Cleopatra VII, the crypts, the Coptic church, the sacred lake, and the temple of Isis. Discover find stunning astronomical scenes on the ceilings and zodiac carvings. You will be overwhelmed with everything you will see in this temple as it's one of few temples that still keep a stone roof and a famous building at the top of the roof. It is known that Dendera is an energetic template for joy. It houses the energy of sensuous Hathor, goddess of dance, music, love, frivolity, and ecstasy. Dendera is a chapel of divine inspiration, creative energy, and passion, a joy template that is energetically intact and available.
The ancient city of Abydos dates back to the early dynastic times. The temple complex of Abydos is much more intact than those at Memphis and Saqqara. It is here that Isis is believed to have found Osiris’s head. The temple was built by Seti I and completed by his son Ramses II. One of the highlights of Abydos is the Osireion which was built of immense granite blocks stacked on top of one another with amazing precision. The sacred geometric pattern of the Flower of Life is found on the granite wall of the temple. It seems to have been laid on the surface, burned into it like a tattoo. During the first initiation at Abydos, you will work with the sacred geometric of the Flower of Life to raise your vibration and connect to your eternal nature. This resolves feelings of hopelessness, lethargy, and absence of passion. At Abydos, you will focus on the energy center of the pineal gland and a master cell at the base of your spine which is the original cell in the body that holds the blueprint for the entire form. Kindly notice that the pineal gland is the physical body’s command center and has a direct connection to the nucleus of every cell. At the end of the Abydos complex tour, we will go to take lunch in one of the local houses in Abydos then drive to take the sleeper train to Cairo.
Dinner and breakfast are served on board the train

Day 8 Cairo – Hurghada Crown Chakra & 3rd Eye Chakra

Upon arrival in Cairo, we will start our tour to the Great Pyramid (Cosmic Oneness). It is known that the three Pyramids in the Giza plateau are a very precise mirror image of what we call Orion’s Belt. It is known that the Great Pyramid aligns precisely with the cardinal directions of north, south, east, and west. Within its sacred geometry are a magnetic pulse and an absence of the consciousness of death and decay. Within the pyramid, you are profoundly aware that you are a source of energy, and your body is comprised of source energy.
The Great [pyramid is another level of shifting from separation consciousness to unity consciousness. It is shifting from disharmonious awareness to harmoniousness awareness. Remember at the Pyramid, you are a star, you are Divine. In the Pyramid you can unify with the abundance of all there is, in the consciousness of truth, love, joy, and ecstasy.
Activate your third Eye chakra inside the great Pyramid by healing meditation inside the Great Pyramid of Khufu. The idea behind awakening the Third Eye, or brow, chakra is to see things more clearly.
We will enjoy our lunch in a local Egyptian restaurant.
Oil Factory
After lunch, we will have some time at the oil factory where we will know a lot about the seven sacred oils. the Egyptians consistently recognized seven primary varieties of Merhet, associating each with a jar of a different shape. The oldest of these surviving jars were found deep under the Step Pyramid of Saqqara, carved exquisitely with precision from solid hard stone. Then we drive back to Hurghada to check in our hotel around 21.00 pm then free time till the next day

Day 9 Hurghada

free day at your own leisure

Day 10 Hurghada Final Departure

Breakfast at the hotel then free time till final departure

Important Notes:

This program is a proposal that includes our route suggestions. You can consider it the starting point to a trip that can be customized according to your wishes, changing the number of days, sightseeing, etc.


  • Meet and assist at Hurghada airport
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel
  • All transfers with an air-conditioned vehicle
  • 1 Night Hurghada hotel first stay 4 **** on a soft all-inclusive basis
  • 3 Night Aswan hotels 4 **** on B/B Basis
  • 2 Nights Luxor hotel 4 **** on B/B Basis
  • 1 night Abydos in guest house on H/B basis
  • Fly tickets from Luxor to Cairo
  • 1 Night Cairo hotel 4 **** on B/B Basis
  • 1 Night Hurghada hotel second stay 4 **** on a soft all-inclusive basis
  • Archeologist guide
  • Spiritual guide
  • Anything not mentioned in the program
  • Entrance fee for any of the pyramids
  • Sphinx paws
  • Beverages during lunch

Tour's Location

Hurghada, Egypt
from $1800


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