Tomb of Userhat at Valley of the Nobles in Luxor Egypt | TT 56 | Discover Facts and History of Pharaonic Tombs. 18th Dynasty…

Tomb of Userhat TT 56 is one of the famous tombs in the Valley of Nobles, Sheik Abd El-Qurnah between the Hills and Ramesseum.

The tomb of Userhat TT56 is a beautiful tomb and it is famous for two of its unique scenes such as the barber’s scene and the Chariot hunt scene. The tomb shed light on the Ancient Egyptian civilization art during the reign of Amenhotep (Amenophis) II and Thutmosis IV.

We will try to explain the best way to get to Userhat tomb and the ticket price and opening hours but above all the importance of the tomb and the owner.

Tomb of Userhat

Who was Userhat?

Userhat served during the reign of Amenhotep II, 18th Dynasty, The New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. Fortunately, we found a title that describes him as the child of the royal nursery which may refer to that he was grown up in the royal court as one of the companions of the royal children. Userhat was a civil servant of the middle-upper class and he had many titles during his life such as

  1. Royal scribe
  2. Overseer and Scribe of the Cattle of Amun
  3. Bread counting scribe in Upper and Lower Egypt
  4. Deputy Herald
  5. Child of the royal nursery

Where is Userhat Located?

The tomb of Userhat TT 56 is located in the Theban Necropolis, Valley of the Nobles on the West bank of the Nile River at the bottom of the Hill of Sheik Abd El-Qurnah (Sheikh Abd El Gurna), facing the Mortuary temple of Ramses II, Ramesseum. Userhat tomb is south of Tomb of Ramose TT 55 and it has been open for tourists for a long time and till now. The tomb is one of the best known and best things to do in Luxor, especially on the west bank of the Nile River.

How to get to the tomb of Userhat?

After getting the ticket of the tomb and by the way, the ticket includes 3 tombs in the Valley of the Nobles Ramose tomb, Userhet tomb, and Khaemhet tomb.

Facing Ramesseum temple is the car parking of the Valley of the Nobles, if you face the mountain and about 150m to your right-hand side, there is a little building. To the left of the building and to the south of Ramose tomb, there is the entrance of Userhat tomb.

When the Tomb of Ramose TT55 was discovered?

Christine Beinlich-Seeber and Abdel Ghaffar Schedid in 1986 published the tomb and before that Labib Habachi in 1956 made huge restoration to the tomb. Before that, Robert Mond made important restoration to the Userhat tomb between 1932-36.

The tomb was opened by Robert Mond between 19O3-19O4 but before that, we know about the tomb from Richard Lepsius who visited the tomb in 1843.

Tomb of Userhat Luxor

Facts TT 56

  1. The tomb of Userhat on Luxor west bank of the Nile River in the Theban Necropolis, Sheik Abd El-Qurnah necropolis under Number TT 56
  2. Userhat wife was named Mutnefret and she had the title Royal Ornament.
  3. The tomb of Userhat was opened by Robert Mond between 19O3-19O4
  4. Userhat tomb is famous for the scenes of the Barbers and the chariot hunt

Tomb of Userhat Luxor Layout | Userhat Tomb Design

  1. Courtyard
  2. Entrance
  3. Transverse Hall to the right and left
  4. Doorway between the Transverse Hall and the Long Hall
  5. Long Hall
  6. Burial Chamber

Tomb of Userhat  Luxor TT 56 Decorations


The Courtyard of the tomb of Userhat Is destroyed and almost does not exist anymore

Entrance to the tomb of Userhat

The entry to the Userhat tomb at the southern end of the courtyard was damaged and it was rebuilt. It is decorated with texts consisting of 3 columns on both sides. The names of God Osiris, Anubis, and Hathor are written.

Entry Lentil

The lentil of the entry is in bad condition and a big part of it is destroyed but we still can see God Osiris in a double scene setting in a traditional way back-to-back and in front of him on both sides Userhat and his wife.

Once, Userhat and his wife holding 3 stems of Papyrus make an offering to Osiris, and on the right side, the same scene for Userhat and his wife, and the only difference is what the wife holds.

Transverse Hall to right

Both sides of the transverse Hall to the right and left are 1 m lower than the courtyard and each part is almost 5m long and 2.5m high.

Right Side of the Transverse Hall (South Wall)

The wall is divided into two parts and on one of them we can see the soldiers or the recruits sometimes we short kilt in one register and with a bit longer, split kilt. While the officers a plain white kilt and a transparent vest.

On the other part, we can see the soldiers heavily laden with bread which is going to be distributed while a short supervisor or officer is provided with a whip with two thongs, to ensure that everything is under control.

On the walls, we can see more beautiful and realistic scenes of the barber cutting the soldier’s hair and another scene shows people eating, drinking, and smelling Lotus Flower.

Userhat in front of Pharaoh Amenhotep (Amenophis) II

  1. One of the very famous scenes of the tomb of Userhat and it shows how Egyptian Pharaohs were responsible for their people in life and death.
  2. We can see the Pharaoh Amenhotep setting on the throne with a low back in a kiosk and the sign Sema-Tawy is designed here.
  3. The Pharoah Amenhotep is clothed in a royal red tunic with yellow spots, and with a long kilt adorned with large bracelets around his arms and wrists.
  4. In his left hand, Amenhotep II holds an ankh, the sign of life while he holds a battle axe in the right hand.
  5. The names of Amenhotep (Amenophis) II are written in the cartouches
  6. In front of the Pharoah is his royal scribe Userhat offering him flowers

East Wall of the left side of the Transverse Hall

False Door

Like all the false doors in most private tombs, the difference here is that it is not matching the scenes on both sides. The Pharoah as a link between the gods and the human asks Ra, Amon, Anubis, and the Four Children of Horus for all goods and pure things to the Ka of Userhat.

Purification Scenes of Userhat

There are two purification scenes where we can see the lector-priest (Xry-Hbt) purifying the royal scribe with water or his ka. Meanwhile, two more scenes show the priests practicing the Opening of the Mouth with the NUA tool of Anubis to enable Userhat to get his senses back.

The Top of the False Door

There are two scenes of a couple with no names and in front of them, a male character offering them flowers, and between him and the characters is an offering table. Seems they are relatives of Userhat or previous generations of Userhat.

West Wall Opposite the False Door

On this wall, there is a representation of a stela and in the middle of the stela, we can see Osiris setting on the throne in a double scene back-to-back, and in front of him, Userhat raises his hands praying for him. All under the protection of the winged sun disc.

On both sides of the stela, we can see people carrying offerings including flowers, dates, bread, meats, and vegetables.

Userhat and His Wife Offering Ducks

Another beautiful scene for Userhat and his wife on a large scale and one character in front of them on a small scale offering duck, bread, fruits in baskets, and bouquets of flowers and grapes.

The Beautiful Festival of the Valley on the South Wall

There are many scenes here and the biggest one is for Userhat and his wife setting on the chairs and she is embracing her husband tenderly by the shoulder. In front of them are their two daughters and their son offering them flowers. Under the wife’s chair, there is a mirror and a monkey.

Another beautiful scene for the two daughters of Userhat setting behind an offering table and a small female figure offers them wine. Under the chair, a small monkey eats something from a basket

An amazing scene for the musician and harpist seated cross-legged with some guests setting listening to the music.

Doorway between the Transverse Hall and the Long Hall

The lentil of the doorway

Colorful scene for Userhat standing in front of God Osiris and behind him God Anubis and between them a table of offerings

A text shows some prayers to different gods to bless Userhat Ka such as Amun-Ra, Anubis, Hathor, and Ra Horakhty

Long Hall of the tomb of Userhat

The east wall on the left side has beautiful scenes of hunting once

  1. Hunting by a chariot in the desert
  2. Hunting and fishing in the marshes
  3. Hunting birds in the marshes

The West Wall on the Right Side of the Long Hall

This wall has some afterlife scenes for example

  1. Funerary scenes
  2. The pilgrimage to Abydos

South Wall of the Long Hall

The south wall includes a niche supposed to house a statute for Userhat and his wife. The statue of Userhat, located on the left but destroyed, and the wife one still can be seen.

That was an abbreviated explanation about one of the beautiful tombs in the Valley of the Nobles on the west bank of the Nile River. Together with Ramose tomb and Khaemhet tomb are included in one ticket.

Opening Hours of the Valley of Nobles Luxor Egypt

Tomb of Userhat is open daily from 07.00 am to 17.00 pm.

Tomb of Userhat Luxor

Userhat tomb Ticket Price

You can purchase an Entrance ticket for the Userhat tomb from the Ticket window which is next to the Colossi of Memnon

Adult: EGP 60 (3.2 $)

Students with valid cards: EGP 30 (1.6 $)

Children aged 6-12 years: EGP 30 (1.6 $)

Children under 6 years: FREE

Finally, the tomb of Userhat is one of the best things to do in Luxor while you enjoy your Luxor Tours as part of your program. Egypt Goota Travel includes the Valley of the Nobles in most of the programs of the Nile Cruises, Luxor Day Tours, and Private Day tours from Hurghada and Marsa Alam.