Is Egypt considered a safe destination?
Egypt is very safe to travel to, but as with any country, you need to adhere to local laws and cultural rules. It’s also a good idea to check your local Government travel advice prior to travelling as these sources of information are usually updated daily. Please be assured that we at Goota Travel ensure our clients safety is at the forefront of everything we do.
How can I obtain my visa to visit Egypt?
Almost all foreign nationals will need a visa in order to enter Egypt. Citizens of only 9 countries can travel to Egypt visa-free. These are Bahrain, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Lebanon, Macao, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Malaysia. To obtain a travel visa is very easy. Upon arrival at any of the following airports Cairo, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, or Marsa Alam, you can obtain a travel visa from the visa office located in the arrival hall of all the above-mentioned airports. The visa usually costs around $25 USD however visas can also be purchased in any other foreign currency.
Do Egyptians speak languages other than Arabic?
The answer to this is yes. The official language of Egypt is Arabic and most educated Egyptians are fluent in English, German, French, Italian or all. The Egyptian General Tourist Guides Syndicate has more than 20,000 guides speaking different languages like French, English, Czech, Slovakian, Japanese, Sabian, Romanian and so on. So don’t worry it is very easy to communicate in Egypt.
Why book with Goota Travel Egypt?
Goota Travel agency is one of few travel agencies that tell you what’s included and excluded on our website, with no hidden prices at all. We understand the need for Wi-Fi to allow you to connect with family, check your Email or just perusal the internet. We at Goota Travel can source and provide you with local SIM cards to ensure you can stay connected and make international calls. Goota Travel, aim to offer our clients a lifetime experience and help them to discover Egypt’s most amazing places, culture, people, landscapes and sightseeing. Goota Travel Partners operates all tours itself, no third party, that’s why we do our best to guarantee the quality of our tours. We take great care of all small details to ensure that our tours are the best value for money. All Goota Tavel staff, transfer providers, tour leaders and guides are carefully selected and trained to ensure that you are in the best hands. Goota Travel provides a personalised travel experience, the best quality and price and most importantly, saving time for our clients to enjoy the delights Egypt has to offer.


Who organizes the travel arrangements on this website?
All bookings are administered by our dedicated staff end to end. We pride ourselves not on just taking your booking, but also ensuring that we stay in contact with our tour guides, accommodation providers, transport providers and a whole host of other people and organisations to ensure your booking is exactly what you expected.
How does the booking process work?
After you have submitted your booking on our website a dedicated Goota Travel operator will review all the booking details and send you a confirmation email within 24 hours confirming your selected booking. You will be asked to pay for your reservation at the time of booking in full which allows us to secure your selected package arrangement on your behalf.
How can I book a transfer through your website?
It’s easy to book your airport transfer from any of the Airports listed on our web site. Simply add your pick-up address, drop off address, date and time, passenger numbers, then head to the next set of booking options. You will have a choice of transfer options that are available for your dates of travel. You will also be able to select the type of transport that suits your needs from our range private vehicles. Select book then you will be taken to the booking process.
How do i know i can trust this travel Vendor?
Goota Travel is extremely cautious when it comes to choosing our business partners. Our reputation and the service we provide are very important to us. We work extremely hard to ensure our guests are provided with an excellent service from the time of booking to your departure from Egypt. We have earned a reputation over the years for being a positive, reliable, responsive service provider. We are dedicated to deliver a top-level service every time by working only with known, reliable providers in order to maintain a high standard of quality services we expect. If for any reason you are not happy with any of our services, we would welcome you to contact us via the Contact Us section of our home page.
How far in advance should I book?
For holiday packages and tailor-made tours, we highly recommend booking at least one month in advance. All daily excursions should be booked at least 24 hours in advance. For large group bookings we recommend booking at least three months in advance. Booking in advance gives us the best opportunity to secure accommodation at the best rates available at the time of booking
How can I pay for my booking?
For all our daily excursions booked you will be asked to pay on the day of the tour or activity that is booked. For all packages booked with us, we kindly ask for full payment at the time of booking. We accept all major Credit Cards and also accept payment by electronic bank transfer if you would prefer. Our site is securely encrypted and all financial transactions are protected.
What happens if I need to change or cancel my tour?
Please contact us as soon as possible if you need to change or cancel your travel plans. Cancellation requests must be submitted to us in writing by email, or WhatsApp. The cancellation fee generally is free for all our daily excursions. For more information, please read our policy on cancellation
Do you offer a discount for children?
We offer big discounts for children for almost all our tourist services published on our site around 50% discount. The discount depends on the age of the child and on the type of service being offered. For more information, please read our children policy section.
I have a disability; can I join Goota Travel trip?
Goota Travel is committed to making travel widely accessible, regardless of ability or disability. We do all we can to facilitate the requirements of disabled travellers such as booking ground floor accommodation, modified transportation, or having our guides communicate important directions in writing as well as verbally. Many travellers with disabilities have been able to enjoy our trips by travelling with a friend or companion who can assist with specific needs. (Goota Travel can provide somebody to help if required during the tour against a charge).
Is it safe to drink tap water in Egypt?
It is not recommended that you drink tap water in Egypt. Bottled water is readily available throughout the country. The water supply in Cairo is heavily chlorinated meaning it is relatively safe to drink. We at Goota Travel recommend that you only use bottled water throughout you stay in Egypt.
Do you supply baby seats?
We do supply baby seats if requested at the time of booking. Baby seats are free of charge to with your booking, all we ask is that you return these goods to us in the condition that you receive them.