Things to do in Luxor Egypt | What can be done in Luxor, Best Tourist Attractions in East Bank and West Bank to Discover History Of Pharaonic Civilization Egyptian.

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If you are planning your Egypt Holiday Package, do not forget to include Luxor in the itinerary. is a must-do list and are countless. The city of Luxor is a world heritage site since 1979 and it is one of the most visited places in Egypt.

is the world’s greatest open-air museum and it has the best-preserved Pharaonic temples, Pharaonic Tombs, and popular sites that give a chance to explore ancient Egyptian History. Besides all the above, Luxor is the final resting place for the Egyptian Pharaohs during the The New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt and the Tomb of Tutankhamun.

The old Thebes was the capital of Egypt during the 18th, 19th, and 20th Dynasties for about 500 years. Explore Ancient Egyptian civilization and the top tourist attractions in Luxor Egypt during your visit.

In this article, we will provide you with the best activities to do in Luxor, the best places to visit with your beloved ones at night or during the day.

Best Things to do in Luxor

Here is a list of the top tourist attractions and our suggestions on how to make the best of your time and how to discover the best Egypt has to offer.

Best Sightseeing on Luxor East Bank of the Nile River & Prices for the tickets

Karnak Temple = 220 EG

Luxor Temple= 180 EG

Luxor Museum= EG

Luxor Mummification Museum= EG

Mut Temple in Karnak= 50 EG

Temple of Khonsu at Karnak= Included in the Karnak temple ticket

Ptah Temple in Karnak= Included in the Karnak temple ticket

Osiris temple in Karnak= Included in the Karnak temple ticket

Botanical Garden in Karnak = Included in the Karnak temple ticket

Festival Hall of Thutmose III = Included in the Karnak temple ticket

Karnak Kings list= Included in the Karnak temple ticket

Sacred Lake at Karnak= Included in the Karnak temple ticket

White Chapel of Senusret I= Included in the Karnak temple ticket

Red Chapel of Hatshepsut= Included in the Karnak temple ticket

Best Sightseeing on Luxor West Bank

Valley of the Kings= 260 EG

Tutankhamun Tomb= 300 EG

The tomb of Merenptah=included in the Valley of the Kings ticket

Tomb of Ramesses III = included in the Valley of the Kings ticket

The tomb of Ramesses IX = included in the Valley of the Kings ticket

The tomb of Seti I= 1400 EG

Tomb of Ramesses V& Ramesses IV= 100 EG

Tutankhamun Tomb = 300 EG

Valley of the Queens=EG

Tomb of Nefertari=EG

Deir El Medina Tombs=EG

Medinet Habu temple=EG

Ramesseum temple=EG

Tombs of Nobles

Sheikh Abd El Qurna area 
Nakht + Menna + Amenemopet = EGP
Rekhmire + Sennefer= EGP
Ramose + Userhat + Khaemhat = EGP
Khonsu + Userhat + Benia= EGP

Khokha area
Neferronpet + Nefersekheru + Djehutymes= EGP

Dra Abu el-Naga
Roy + Shuroy + Amenemope= EGP

Dair el-Medina area
Sennedjem + Inherkau & temple= EGP
Pashedu= EGP

Qurnet Muraa area
Imnhotep/Hwy + Imnement + Amunemheb= EGP

El-Asasif area
Kheruef + Ankh_Hor + Mentuemhat= EGP

Day trips from Luxor

Dendera and Abydos

Kom Ombo

Edfu temple

Temple of Khnum in Esna

6 Epic Things to do in Luxor with Kids

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Sail The Nile on A Felucca

Sound and Light Show at Karnak temple

City Tour with Horse Carriage

Take A Nile Cruise Luxor Aswan

Go Shopping in Luxor Souk

White; you have to think and here we will try to give you a hint about the top tourist attractions in Luxor. We will mention the Half-Day tours, Full Day tours, Best activities especially if you have kids.

Karnak temple

Karnak temple on Luxor’s east bank is the first tourist attraction as it is the largest religious building ever built. The temple of Karnak was a cult temple in Thebes and it was dedicated to God Amun, Goddess Mut, and Gid Khonsu. A great source and an open book about Egyptian History, and ancient Egyptian civilization.

For over 2500 years starting with the Middle Kingdom of Egypt till Alexander the great many buildings were added to the Karnak complex.

The precinct of Amun together with the Pyramids of Giza, The Great Sphinx are the most visited two places in Egypt. Travel back in time and explore Karnak temple Gems like the Open-Air Museum, Mut temple, The Temple of Ptah, and Heb-Sed Festival of Thutmose III. Marvel at the Hatshepsut Obelisk, Sacred Lake of Thutmosis III, and the Great Hypostyle Hall.

Finally, Be greeted by the Sphinx Avenue with a ram-headed representing the God Amun Ra, and feel free to visit the temple between 6 AM and 5:30 PM every day.

Luxor Temple | The southern sanctuary

Our first piece of advice is to visit Luxor temple just before sunset so you can see it lit up at night. Luxor temple is located in Luxor city on the east bank of the Nile.

The temple of Luxor has an east-west axis and it was connected to Karnak temple by a 3 km Sphinx Avenue. Amun temple in Luxor includes a mosque, a church, and a temple dedicated to Amun-Ka Mut.f.

This Pharaonic temple was sharing Karnak temple in one of the very famous Egyptian Feasts, opt Festival and the reliefs and religious texts decorating the walls of Luxor temple are sources for that feast.

There were two Obelisks decorating the entrance of Luxor temple, one of them still in situ and the second decorating The Place de la Concorde in Paris, France.

The First Pylon of Luxor temple is decorated with the Kadesh Battel of Ramesses II against the Hittites empire under Muwatallis. Meanwhile, Queen Hatshepsut and Pharoah Thutmosis III built 3 shrines for Amun, Mut, and Khonsu. Besides, Huge black granite statutes for king Ramesses II and alabaster statutes for Amun and his consort Mut.

The top tourist attractions in Luxor temple is the divine birth room and Alexander chapel with its beautiful scenes and the Holly of the Hollies.

luxor temple
Luxor temple

Luxor Museum

Among all the Egyptian museums, Luxor Museum is one of the Luxor Gems that you do not have to miss while you enjoy your Egypt tour package or Nile River Cruises. The Museum of Luxor is located on the East bank of the Nile River and it is one of the best displays of antiquities in Egypt.

If Cairo Museum has the largest collection of Egyptian Antiquities, Luxor Museum has well-chosen and great artifacts from the Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom, and Mamluk periods. As one of the top Luxor tourist attractions, the Museum of Luxor has artifacts from the Luxor temple cache and pieces from Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Marvel at two of the mummies of ancient Egyptian Pharaohs kings, pharaoh Ahmose I and pharaoh Ramesses I. Explore Amarna Collections found in the temple of Akhenaten in the Karnak temple. Thus, Luxor Museum has Coptic Collection and Islamic Collection side by side with the Pharaonic artifacts.

The Modern Luxor Museum collection includes a beautiful alabaster statute for Amenhotep IIl with the crocodile God Sobek. Besides, golden head for Goddess Hathor and fragments for Akhenaten with Nefertiti.

Discover the best things to do in Luxor and include Luxor Museum in your Egypt Tours, Egypt tour packages, and Nile cruises Luxor Aswan.

Mummification Museum in Luxor Egypt | Best Things to do in Luxor

Without a doubt, The Mummification Museum in Luxor is one of the best things to do in Luxor, especially with Kids. The Museum of the Mummification in Luxor is on the top of the Egyptian Museum as it provides an understanding of the ancient Egyptian civilization’s method of preserving the body for humans and animals alike.

Explore the secrets of the mummification of the Egyptian Pharaohs in ancient Egypt. Discover why the ancient Egyptians did not mummify only humans but also animals they worshipped such as crocodiles, cats, and dogs. Meanwhile, the Museum will give you a perfect idea about the mummification tools that were used during the process.

Surprisingly, the Mummification Museum features an amazing collection of the Pharaonic mummies found in the Pharaonic tombs in Thebes, Luxor. For example, The mummy of the high priest of Amun in Luxor Masaharta, the son of the Egyptian Pharoah Pinedjem I.

Also, The Museum displays a lot of Animal mummies such as a mummy of a monkey, duck, cat, and an Ibis mummy. Meanwhile, you will marvel at the Pharaonic amulets such as Ankh, Scarab, and the Horus Eye.

Luxor Mummification Museum is your way to learn about Egyptian religion and why they believed in the afterlife. However, the difference between Royal Mummification, and normal mummification.

Finally, include the Museum of Mummification in the best things to do in Egypt and explore it while you are in Nile cruises, or in your Egypt Holiday Package.

Mut Temple at Karnak Temple

Explore one of the Pharaonic temples during your Egypt Tour Packages or Nile Cruises and discover some of the most important Goddesses in ancient Egypt like Mut, Sekhmet, Isis, Nephthys, and Bastet. The Precinct of Mut is Karnak Gem and it is a must if you visit Karnak temple.

Most of the Egyptian Pharaohs and kings of the New Kingdom added parts to the Mut precinct such as Amenhotep III, Hatshepsut, Thutmosis III, and the great Ramesses.

However, explore the sacred Lake which is the best in Egypt and it surrounds the temple on 3 sides. Mut temple show ancient Egyptian history in different era from the Middle Kingdom, the New Kingdom, to the Greco-Roman Era.

Egypt Palma Tours includes Sekhmet temple in all its Luxor day tours and Nile Cruised.

Ptah Temple In the Precinct of Amun

Another one of the top Luxor tourist attractions is the Karnak temple. God Ptah is the self-existence creator of all things, The creator god of Memphite Theology. The Egyptian Pharoah Thutmose III from the 18th Dynasty, New Kingdom built Ptah temple, and Ptolemy VI, Ptolemy XI, and Ptolemy XIII added new extensions to the New Kingdom temple.

Ptah temple in Karnak includes a shrine for Sekhmet, the great transformational lion-headed goddess. She was the daughter of Ra, the Eye of Ra, the Lady of Flame, and the Great one of Magic. However, she is the protector, the healer, and the guide.

Egypt Palma Tours includes Ptah Temple in all Egypt Spiritual Tours Packages, Meditation tours in Egypt, Spiritual Journey to Egypt, and Catholic Pilgrimages to Egypt. All this and more in our Egypt Tours Packages.

White Chapel of Senusret I at Karnak temple

The Open-Air Museum, Karnak temple, Luxor includes many ancient Egyptian artifacts such as the Red Chapel of Hatshepsut, White Chapel of Senusret I, and Sekhmet Statutes. All Egypt tour packages or Nile Cruises include Karnak temple in the itinerary, so do not miss to visit the Jubilee Chapel of Senusret I.

The importance of the White chapel is the unique roof with a cavetto cornice, Middle Kingdom Era style. Besides, the lists of the nomes of Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt in the Middle Kingdom Era. Finally, including the White chapel in your Luxor Tours will be the best way to learn about ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. Ancient Egyptian art, and Egyptian Architecture.

Valley of the Kings Luxor Egypt | Wadi Biban al-Muluk

There are so many things to do in Egypt but the Valley of the Kings is not only one of the best things to do in Luxor but it is a must-do. Valley of the Kings in Luxor Egypt is on Luxor west bank and it was the Royal Necropolis of ancient Egyptian Pharaohs during the New Kingdom of Egypt.

The Pharaohs of ancient Egypt choose to be buried inside the mountain of the Valley of the Kings for eternity.  The Great and Majestic Necropolis of the Millions of Years of the Pharaoh was the name of the Valley in ancient Egypt.

The Royal Necropolis of the Valley of the Kings contains the tombs of Tutankhamun, Amenhotep III, Hatshepsut, Thutmosis III, and Ramesses II. The Pharaonic tombs in the Valley of the Kings contain some very famous religious books such as the Book of Day, Book of the Night, Book of Gates and The The Book of the Heavenly Cow.

Your visit to the Valley of the Kings will be your key to learning about Ancient Egyptian civilization, and Ancient Egyptian History. Booking one of the Luxor Day Tours while you are in the Nile Cruises or enjoying your Private Luxor Excursions Packages will be forever memories.

Egypt Palma Tours highly recommended these tombs during your visit

KV8 – The tomb of Merenptah – 18th Dynasty

KV14 – Tomb of Tausret and Setnakht – 19th Dynasty

KV11 – The Tomb of Ramesses III – 20th Dynasty

The most beautiful Pharaonic tombs in the Valley of the Kings against charge are

KV62 – Tutankhamun – 18th Dynasty

KV17 – Seti I – 19th Dynasty

KV9 – Ramesses V, Ramesses VI – 20th Dynasty