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9 Days Egypt Cheap Holidays will include unique experiences to discover the rich ancient Egyptian history, and receive super services. This unbeatable Egypt cheap holidays packages will offer you Egypt tourist attractions in Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Edfu, Kom Ombo and Aswan. From the iconic Giza Pyramids, Great Sphinx, Mummification temple to the Nile Cruise between Luxor and Aswan. In fact, you will explore the Pharaonic treasures of Tutankhamun found in his tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Alexandria tourist attractions such as the Qaitbay citadel, Catacomb of Kom El Shoqafa, and Pompey’ Pillar.

Goota Travel cheap holiday packages to Egypt allow you to admire Luxor tourist attractions such as Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut temple, Valley of Nobles, Memnon Colossi, and Karnak and Luxor temple. Furthermore, you can learn a lot about ancient Egyptian religion, Mythology, and ancient Egyptian gods in Luxor. Meanwhile, the daily life scenes, agriculture, trading, Abydos pilgrimage, ancient Egyptian Festivals, and craftsmen. In addition, you will visit Kom Ombo temple, Edfu temple, and the High Dam in Aswan. Besides, Philae temple on Agilkia Island, and the Unfinished Obelisk. Finally, Aswan tourist attractions include Nubian village, Khnum temple, and Agha Khan Mausoleum.

Goota Travel Hurghada have carefully tailored this 9 Days Egypt Cheap Holidays package as a budget-friendly accommodations, transportation, and expert Egyptologist guide to ensure that you make the most of your Egypt tours while staying within your budget.


  • Giza Pyramids
  • The Great Pyramid of Khufu
  • Valley Temple Of Khafre
  • The Great Sphinx
  • Grand Egyptian Museum
  • Catacomb of Kom El Shoqafa
  • Pompey’s Pillar
  • Alexandria Library
  • Citadel of Qaitbay
  • High Dam
  • Unfinished Obelisk
  • Philae temple
  • Kom Ombo temple
  • Edfu temple
  • Valley of the Kings
  • Hatshepsut temple
  • Memnon Colossi
  • Karnak temple


Day 1 Cairo

Welcome to the land of Pharaohs, Palma tours representative will help you with the arrival procedures then take you in a private car to have smooth check-in at your hotel and free time till evening.
Dinner Cruise
Afternoon transfer from your hotel to Enjoy two hours dinner cruise in one of the luxury Nile Cruises boats. Enjoy your dinner with live music and belly dancer show and Tanoura show. Also, you can enjoy Cairo by night from the sundeck while sailing.

Day 2 Cairo

Morning breakfast at the hotel then full day guided tour to Giza tourist attractions.
The Grand Egyptian Museum
The Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) is home to more than 100 000 ancient Egyptian artifacts including Tutankhamun treasures from his tomb in the Valley of the Kings. In fact, the Museum has a lot to offer especially the Hanging Obelisk, Ramesses colossi, Hetepheres treasures, and Akhenaten and Nefertiti treasures. Also, a lot of Papyri, textiles, wooden maquettes, Rosette stone, fishing boats, and flint tools.
Giza Pyramids
Your tour to Giza Pyramids is one of the best things to do in Egypt and the only way to see the only wonder of the old seven wonders of the ancient World. A visit to Giza Pyramids offers a chance to know more about ancient Egyptian Civilization. Actually, you will have an opportunity to know about ancient Egyptian history during the fourth dynasty, Old Kingdom. Meanwhile, visiting Cheops Pyramid, Chephren Pyramid, and Menkaure Pyramid allows you to see these engineering miracles up close. Moreover, you can see the satellite Pyramids (Queens Pyramids) and the boat pits.
The Valley temple
Always close to the Nile River or one of its branches is the Valley temple or the Mummification temple. In fact, the Valley temple is the place where they practiced the mummification and the Opening of the Mouth ritual on the Kings’ body.
The Great Sphinx
The massive statue with human head and lion body still one of the biggest secrets for the archeologists. Is it one Sphinx or there is a female Sphinx according to some sources and when it was built, and who built it. Also, the Dream Stele for prince Thutmose IV from the 18th dynasty New Kingdom is another mystery. Lately, NASA spotted another Sphinx behind the Valley temple of Chephren.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 3 Alexandria

Enjoy your breakfast at the hotel then join your guide to Alexandria attractions. The city of Alexandria was named after Alexander the Great and it lasts the capital of Egypt during the Ptolemaic Period, Roman Period, and Byzantine Period until the Arab conquest in 641 AD.
Upon arrival to Alexandria, you will start your Alexandria attractions with
Catacomb of Kom El Shoqafa
The Catacomb of Kom El Shoqafa is the largest Roman Rock-cut tomb similar to those of the Valley of the Kings in Luxor. Kom El Shoqafa Catacomb is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Middle Age and perfect example for the Hellenistic, Egyptian, and early Imperial Roman architecture. Actually, Mound of Shards or Kom El Shoqafa dates back to the 2nd century and consists of several underground levels.
For instance, there are a lot or features of this tomb like the rotunda, Banquet Hall, Caracalla Hall, and the Locali. Also, there are a lot of Egyptian gods in the Roman way such as Anubis, Osiris, the Canopic Jars, Horus, and Isis.
Pompey Pillar
Pompey Pillar of Alexandria is one of the highest memorial columns in the world and it was cut from the same granite quarries where Hatshepsut cut her Obelisk in Aswan. The Column dates back to the reign of emperor Diocletian and it is standing now on the ruins of Serapeum built during Ptolemaic kingdom. While you visit the Pompey Pillar, there are a lot of Pharaonic monuments you can see such as two pink granite Sphinxes. Moreover, a statue for Ramesses II from the 19th dynasty, and another statue of Psamtik I of the 26th dynasty. Also, the ruins of Serapis temple, the mix of the Egyptian gods Osiris and Apis.
Qaitbay Citadel
Another Alexandria tourist attraction cannot be miss during your Alexandria day tours. The Qaitbay Citadel located at the western end of Alexandria on Pharos Island. If you visited the Citadel of Saladin in Cairo, you will figure out how similar they are and the purpose of the defensive building in the medieval age. Finally, on the same site of the Citadel standing one day the Light House, one of the seven old wonders.
Enjoy a sea food lunch or arrange with your guide if you are vegetarian to change the restaurant where you can enjoy a vegetarian meal.
Alexandria Library
Enjoy a guided tour to the library and learn what happened to the old one when Alexandria was burnt to the ground by Julius Caesar. The library has more than 8 million books, reading hall, art galleries, and museums.
Once, you finish your tour, you will be driven back to Giza railways station to board your sleeper train to Luxor.
breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 4 Luxor Nile Cruise

Upon arrival, your guide will be waiting for you to start your tour to Luxor attractions
Karnak temple
Start your Luxor tourist attractions with the biggest temple in the world, Karnak temple. The tour will allow you to witness the architecture in ancient Egypt, sculpture, and education. Moreover, the wall reliefs explain a lot about ancient Egyptian religion, and the daily rituals in the Egyptian temples. Also, there are a lot to see like Ptah temple, Khonsu temple, Mut temple, and Osiris Chapel. Besides, the amazing Festival Hall of Thutmose III, Barque shrines of Ramesses III from the 20th dynasty.
In addition, the Great Hypostyle Hall, The Sacred Lake, Scarab, Botanical Garden, Red Chapel of Hatshepsut and the White Chapel of Senusret I are a must see.
At the end of your tour, you will go to check-in at your Nile Cruise and Lunch.
Luxor by night
Luxor temple is open till night and you will be amazed how nice it is when its lighted. Actually, the temple was built by two of the 18th dynasty Pharaohs, Amenhotep III, and Ramesses the Great. Also, Tutankhamun, Horemheb, Hatshepsut added and decorated parts of the temple. Watch the reliefs of Kadesh battel, Divine Birth of Amenhotep III, and the Opet Festival Hall. Also, Luxor Cache, Ramesses the great 6 colossi, Obelisk, and Alexander the great Chapel is a must-see.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 5 Luxor Edfu

Morning breakfast on board the Nile Cruise, then your guide will join your guide to explore Luxor tourist attractions on the west bank of the Nile River.
Valley of the Kings
A must-see while you are in Egypt. All the kings of the New Kingdom starting with Thutmose I of the eighteenth dynasty, nineteenth dynasty kings, and also twentieth dynasty kings are buried in the Valley. Also, Tutankhamun tomb in the Valley was the only tomb found intact. The valley is known for what’s called the Curse of the Pharaohs and the grave robbers. The walls of the tombs are covered with hieroglyphic inscriptions, religious books such as Book of the Dead, Book of Imyduat, Book of Night, Book of heavenly cow, and Opening of the Mouth.
Thus, with your ticker you can visit 3 of the opened tombs including tomb of King Ramses V, tomb of King Ramesses I, tomb of King Ramesses X, tomb of King Ramesses XI, tomb of Merenptah, and tomb of King Ramesses III. After you finish your tour to the Valley, you will proceed to the next stop
Hatshepsut temple
Queen Hatshepsut engineer Senmut built this unique in its location and decoration for his majesty. Here, you can witness the agriculture in ancient Egypt, trade in ancient Egypt, fishing in ancient Egypt, and the clothing in that time. That’s not all, the temple has an amazing chapel for Hathor, another one for Anubis, and a venue of Sphinxes. Besides, the Queen propaganda called the Divine Birth and the Punt Expedition.
Valley of Nobles
The Valley of Nobles is another amazing place in Luxor west bank facing Ramesseum where you can visit two tombs. Nobles’ tombs like Sennefer and Rekhmire are beautiful with very unique scenes like the Pilgrimage to Abydos, purification scenes, music and dance, carpenters making furniture, The Duties of the Vizier in Rekhmire tomb, and hunting in the desert.
Colossi of Memnon
Enjoy few minutes in front of the second biggest statues in Egypt after the massive ones of Abu Simbel. Amenhotep III decorated the entrance of his Mortuary temple with his statues show him in seated position on the throne with his mother and wife. After strong earth quack in 27 BC, they suffered from cracks and the Greek called them Memnon. Listen from your guide why? And shoot some phots.
Later on, you will go back to your Nile Cruise for lunch and start sailing for the rest of the day to Edfu city and overnight
Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 6 Edfu Kom Ombo Aswan

Early departure before breakfast to visit Horus temple with horse carriage.
Edfu temple
Horus temple is one of the best Pharaonic temples built in the Greco Roman period and together with Dendera temple are the best-preserved temples. watch some of the best wall reliefs in Egypt and know more about Festivals in ancient Egypt especially the Good Union between Horus and Hathor. In fact, the struggle between Horus and Seth with the help of Isis are designed here in complete version. Back to the cruise for breakfast and sail to Kom Ombo.
Kom Ombo temple | Double temple of Sobek and Horus
Kom Ombo temple on the east bank of the Nile River took 385 years to be built starting with King Ptolemy V. Also, Ptolemy VI, Ptolemy VIII added parts while roman emperors Tiberius, Emperor Domitian, emperors Caracalla, Geta, and Macrinus added decoration. Fortunately, Kom Ombo has reliefs never found anywhere else such as the Surgical instruments, Calendar, temple division by Maat. Besides, the hospital or the Sanatorium, the Nilometer, and the Crocodile Museum with a lot of mummified crocodiles.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 7 Aswan

Breakfast on board and free morning or the chance to visit Abu Simbel temple against charge. After lunch, you will visit Aswan attractions
High Dam
Aswan High Dam is the second dam built after Aswan Dam or the Khazan in 1971 and it is one of the best projects in the 20th century. But the Dam caused some negative consequences such as the submerged of Nubian temples under water. Nearby, the High Dam is the Egyptian-Soviet Friendship Monument honors Russian-Egyptian friendship. Meanwhile, you see the Kalabsha temple from the High Dam, one of those temples relocated after building the High Dam.
Philae temple
Isis temple is one of the most beautiful Pharaonic temples in Upper Egypt. It was built during the Greco Roman Period on an older temple from ancient times. Philae temple is one of those temples relocated from Philae Island to Agilkia island. Indeed, the temple of Philae is dedicated to goddess ISIS, Osiris, Hathor, and Horus. ISIS temple has unique architecture features such as Mammisi, the colonnade, the Coptic Church, the French graffiti, and the two Obelisks helped in the decipherment of the Hieroglyphic language.
Unfinished Obelisk
A short visit to the granite quarries from where they cut the granite blocks for Obelisks, Osireion temple in Abydos, Khafre temple in Cairo. Do some exercises and climb the wooden steps and watch from the top the unfinished Obelisk.
Back to the Nile Cruise and overnight.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 8 disembarkation - Cairo

Enjoy your last breakfast on board then checkout and head to Aswan airport to take your flight to Cairo. Upon arrival, you will start your Giza best tourist attractions
Saqqara (Sakkara)
Saqqara was the cemetery of Memphis, the oldest capital of Egypt. It was used from the Archaic Period till the Late Period and Christian era. It has more than 14 Pharaonic Pyramids and a lot of Pharaonic tombs. Actually, Serapeum and Mereroka tomb and Kagemni tomb are among the top tourist attractions.
Unas Pyramid
Unas Pyramid in Saqqara is a very small Pyramid dates back to the fifth dynasty, Old Kingdom. The Pyramid is about 43 m in height and it was built by the last king of the 5th dynasty. Fortunately, Unas Pyramid is famous for the Pyramid Texts. In fact, these Pyramid texts will be known later in the middle kingdom as Coffin Texts and in the New Kingdom as the Book of Dead. Unas Pyramid complex has long Causeway, ruins of Mortuary temple and it was built between Sekhemkhet and Djoser complexes.
Djoser Step Pyramid complex
The Step Pyramid of Djoser dates back to the third dynasty and is the first stone structure in the world. Imhotep, Djoser's vizier built this complex for his Pharoah with six mastabas or layers above ground and a series of tunnels below. Actually, the complex offers a lot to see such as the Southern tomb, House of South, House of North, Serdab, and the Heb Sed Festival court.
Princess Idut tomb
Princess Idut tomb was not originally for her but it is one of the most beautiful tombs in Saqqara discovered in 1920. In fact, the tomb full of daily life scenes like fishing scenes with fishing boats, fishing nets and spears. Also, we can see Hippos fighting together, butchers slaughtering an ox, and a farmer bringing in a steer. Another beautiful scene for the farmers crossing the river with a row of horned bulls and mooing cows. Besides, a scene for a female hippo giving birth and a crocodile lurks behind with open jaws waiting to eat the newly born baby. Lastly, the tomb has a very beautiful False Door and offerings table.
Lunch Meal
Enjoy your lunch meal between the palm trees in a local restaurant.
Memphis was the oldest capital of the united Egypt dates back to 3200 BC built by Narmer or Menes. Actually, there are few things to see here such as the open-air Museum with the huge statue of Ramesses the great, big alabaster Sphinx, some granite sarcophagi, and stele for Memphis triad Ptah, Sekhmet and Nefertem.
At the end of your tour, you will head to your hotel in Cairo for overnight.
Breakfast, lunch

Day 9 final departure

After having your last breakfast at the hotel, your guide will join you to Cairo airport to your final departure.


  • Meet and assist at Cairo airport
  • Round transfer with air-conditioned vehicle
  • Knowledgeable Egyptologist tour guide
  • 4 Night accommodation at a 4**** Hotel in Cairo
  • 4 Night accommodation at 5***** Nile Cruise
  • Sleeper train from Cairo to Luxor
  • Fly tickets from Aswan to Cairo
  • Entrance fees to all the places in the itinerary
  • All Service Charges and Taxes
  • Entrance fee for Cheops Pyramid & Khafre Pyramid
  • Tutankhamun tomb at the Valley of the Kings
  • Tomb of Seti I (KV17), Valley of the Kings
  • KV 9 tomb of Ramesses V, Valley of the Kings
  • Aswan Nubian Village
  • Abu Simbel temple
  • Tipping

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