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Aswan Day Trips from Sahl Hasheesh hotels

Sahl Hasheesh, Hurghada, Egypt
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Aswan Day Trips from Sahl Hasheesh hotels | Best Aswan Day Tours from Sahl Hasheesh

Aswan Day Trips from Sahl Hasheesh hotels is one of the best things to do in Sahl Hasheesh. Booking Aswan Day tours from Sahl Hasheesh to Abu Simbel, Philae Temple, High Dam, and the unfinished Obelisk. Besides, you will enjoy your Sahl Hasheesh excursions at the Red Sea beaches snorkeling, and diving. Also, you can explore the best Egypt tours to Aswan. Aswan Day Trips from Sahl Hasheesh introduces you to Egyptian history and the pharaonic civilization. listen about the Greco-Roman history in Egypt, Egyptian history, and the modern history of Egypt.

Ancient Egyptian civilization technics of cutting the stones from the granite quarries and curving them into Obelisks and statues.  The Ptolemies and their respect for the Egyptian gods and goddesses. Ptolemy II (285-246 BC) and his temple of Isis at Philae. Aswan has a unique location, warm weather, and attractive nature making the city one of the most important pharaonic cities till the late Roman Era.

Isis temple

A trip to Aswan from Sahl Hasheesh is your way to see the Pharaonic Temples and Pharaonic Tombs in Aswan. Aswan Day Trips from Sahl Hasheesh Include Philae Temple on Agilika Island. Do not miss the myth of Osiris, Isis, and Seth and how the loyal wife Goddess Isis found her husband’s heart here. Explore with your guide the Curse of the two Obelisks standing one day in front of the first Pylon and what happened to everyone involved in moving them to Kingston Palace in the UK. Do not miss the last Hieroglyphic text in the whole of Egypt in the Philae temple. Look at the beautiful design of transporting Osiris’s body on the back of the crocodile from Abydos to Philae. Enjoy the French graffiti dating back to 1800 and the amazing Trajan Kiosk.

On the Nile East bank, you will visit the granite quarries and you will be face to face with Hatshepsut’s unfinished Obelisk. Your Aswan Day Trips from Sahl Hasheesh hotels to Aswan go on to the High Dam, the world’s largest embankment dam since the 1960s. We offer the best full-day tour from Sal Hasheesh to Aswan.  Also, we offer a luxury private trip to Aswan from Sahl Hasheesh. We also offer private transfers from Sahl Hasheesh to Aswan. Although, we offer luxury Nile Cruises packages from Aswan to Luxor. and you can check our cheap prices Sahl Hasheesh excursions & tours for the Nile Cruises. You can also check our section on things to do in Sahl Hasheesh for the best Egypt tour Packages.

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  • Philae temple with motorboat
  • Unfinished Obelisk of Hatshepsut
  • High Dam
  • Quality lunch


  • Private transfer from Sahl Hasheesh
  • Entrance fee for all the sightseeing mentioned in the program
  • Egyptologist guide
  • Freshly cooked lunch in a local restaurant
  • Beverages during Lunch
  • Nubian Village
  • Felucca riding
  • Tipping

Tour's Location

Sahl Hasheesh, Hurghada, Egypt
from $350

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