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Day Tour of Aswan to Philae Temple, High Dam, Unfinished Obelisk Egypt | Best Private Aswan Day Tours

Aswan, Egypt
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Day Tour of Aswan to Philae Temple, High Dam, Unfinished Obelisk Egypt | Best Private Aswan Day Tours.

Aswan Tour to Philae temple, High Dam, Unfinished Obelisk | Best Aswan Tours

There are so many things to do in Aswan and some of them you do not have to miss while you are here like the Phaile temple, The unfinished Obelisk of Hatshepsut, and the High Dam.

Explore the top Aswan tourist attractions in this full-day tour from Aswan hotels, Nile River Cruises, or wherever you are in Aswan. If you book this full-day tour from Aswan, you will be introduced to Egyptian history and ancient Egyptian civilization. Meanwhile, you will visit 3 different sites dating back from the Old Kingdom to the modern era.

The High Dam

Our Egypt tour package to Aswan’s top attractions starts with meeting your Egyptologist guide at the reception of your Nile Cruise or hotel to start your Aswan tour.

Start your tour from the High Dam because it is the most southern one from Aswan city. On your way to the High Dam, you will pass the Old Dam, so your guide will reveal why they built the Dams.  During ancient Egyptian history, the ancient Egyptians suffered from the annual flood till Egypt built the Dam in 1960. Finally, whenever you finish the High Dam, you can visit the memorial lotus flower shape Soviet-Egypt Friendship Monument.

The temple of Isis

Your Aswan tour will continue to your next stop, one of the most fascinating landmarks of Egypt, the Philae temple (the temple of Isis). Surprisingly, the Phaile temple is complex and it has so many unmissed sites you do not have to miss. Firstly, you will enjoy a short ride with a motorboat to reach the temple. Secondly, right now the temple on Agilika Island, and was moved to its current location after the building of the High Dam.

Christian used the temple later as a Church, this explains why there is a lot of defacement of ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses.

The temple of Isis is the main temple on the Island but there are several small temples to other gods. For example, it’s worth spending time visiting the temple of Hathor, the Gateway of Hadrian, and Trajan’s Kiosk.

That’s not all, Philae is connected to Osiris Myth, and it was believed this is the place where goddess Isis found his Husband Osiris’s heart. Definitely, Philae complex is famous for the last Hieroglyphics text in Egypt, the last Hieratic text in Egypt. Besides.

Some more interesting sights like a small temple of Mandolis from Roman times, The Birth House (Mammisi), and the Obelisks. Along with all Philae highlights, many reliefs for gods here like Isis, Osiris, Bes, Nubian God Mandolis, and Hathor. Above all, Philae has one of the most beautiful sounds and light shows in Egypt presented in different languages, so do not miss it if you can.

Hatshepsut Obelisk

Aswan Tour to Philae temple, High Dam, Unfinished Obelisk continue to the last stop Hatshepsut Obelisk or the unfinished Obelisk.

Egypt Palma Tours offer this place to show you the granite quarries from where the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs cut their Obelisks. Enjoy looking at how the ancient Egyptian cut these blocks, how they separated them from the bedrock. Now it’s time to go back to your hotel or Nile cruise and if you like to read more about the most famous 3 temples in Aswan. Check our blog


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  • High Dam
  • Unfinished Obelisk
  • Philae temple
  • Aswan Old Dam


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Aswan Hotels, Nile cruises
Aswan Hotels, Nile cruises

Our guide will pick you up at the agreed time at the reception of your Nile Cruise, Hotel, Aswan Railway, or Aswan airport to start your full-day tour to Aswan attractions.

High Dam
High Dam

Start your Aswan tours a full day with the High Dam, the world's largest embankment dam since the 1960s. your guide will explain to you the purpose of the dam, the benefits of the project, the details around the dam, and if the High Dam succeeded to regulate the flow of the Nile River or not.
On your way, you will pass the Aswan low Dam and you will surely know why the Aswan Low Dam was not adequate to control the annual flooding. At the end of your tour in the High Dam, and in case if you are interested to visit the memorial lotus flower shape Soviet-Egypt Friendship Monument you can.

Unfinished Obelisk
Unfinished Obelisk

Your second stop will be the Unfinished Obelisk of Hatshepsut in the granite quarries of Aswan. The Obelisk provides a great idea about how these monuments were created. how they would have liberated the huge structure from the bedrock. Take your photos there and proceed with your guide to the next amazing stop.

Philae temple
Philae temple

Enjoy a short motorboat riding to the magnificent ISIS temple. You need to open your heart and mind to listen from your guide to the stories behind the building of this temple. Do not miss the myth of Osiris, Isis, and Seth and how the loyal wife found her husband's heart in here.
Explore with your guide the Curse of the two Obelisks standing one day in front of the first Pylon and what happened to everyone involved in moving them to Kingston Palace in the UK.
Discover the best MAMISI and its function in that time. Do not miss the last Hieroglyphic text in the whole of Egypt in this temple. Look at the beautiful design of transporting Osiris body on the back of the crocodile from Abydos to Philae. Enjoy the French graffiti date back to 1800 and the amazing Trajan Kiosk.
Listen from your Egyptologist guide how the original island was submerged underwater after building the High Dam and how UNESCO launched and saved the temple to its present site. Please remember that the Philae temple was one of the last places where ancient Egyptian religion was practiced even after the spreading of Christianity.

Back to Aswan
Back to Aswan

When your visit is over, your guide and driver will drive you back to anywhere you like in Aswan.


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Aswan, Egypt


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