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Private Aswan Day Tour to Kitchener Island & Botanical Garden | Best Egypt Aswan Day Tours

Aswan, Egypt
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Private Aswan Day Tour to Kitchener Island & Botanical Garden | Best Egypt Aswan Day Tours.

Kitchener Island Tour from Aswan | Botanical Garden Aswan | Felucca Riding Aswan | Nubian Village from Aswan

In fact, Kitchener Island tour from Aswan is one of many things to do in Aswan. The island has another name Botanical Garden and it is used by Nubians and foreigners alike to escape the hassle of the city and to relax for a few hours in a green environment. You will enjoy a felucca ride for half an hour before you reach the Island.

The Botanical Garden is about 7 hectares in size and it has thousands of birds and many exotic plants imported from 5 continents. Lord Kitchener, during his military campaigns in Sudan in 1899, made the island headquarters for his Nubian army. Then, The Ministry of irrigation transformed the island into a Botanical Garden in 1928.  At the end of the tour, we will leave the island from the south exit to take our motorboat to the Nubian Village

Nubian Village

On the way to the Nubian village from the Botanical Garden, we will pass the Mausoleum of the Aga Khan. Moreover, a lot of small Nile Islands with rare birds, and beautiful black granite formations. Upon arrival, you will visit one of the Nubian Houses to have a traditional Nubian tea and make Henna Tattoos while your guide introduces you to the Nubian history, traditions, and Nubian religion.

Nubians have their own spoken Nubian language and they marry each other. Surely, Nubians in Egypt are totally different from the Nomads or Bedouins. While, Nubians are so educated and open-minded people, that they send their kids to school and universities.

At the end of your Private Aswan Day Tour to Kitchener Island & Aswan Day Trip to Nubian Village, you will sail back to Aswan. On the way back, you will see Aswan Nilometer, the famine stele dates back to King Djoser. For more information about the best things to do in Aswan, please check our article Aswan’s top tourist attractions and best things to do.

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  • Kitchener's Island - Aswan Botanical Garden
  • Nubian Village
  • Felluca ride


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Kitchener’s Island | Aswan Botanical Island
Kitchener’s Island | Aswan Botanical Island

The best way to visit Kitchener’s Island is the typical sailing Egyptian boat Felucca. 20 minutes felucca riding to the northern entrance of the island then walking around 650 meters, the total length of the island. Your guide will show you the 27 squares and some of the tropical and subtropical plants. End your visit by the southern exit of the island to find the motorboat waiting for you to take you to Nubian village.
Kitchener’s Island is located opposite Aswan city and elephantine island. The Island is unique as it has different trees from the 5 continents especially importing plants from the Far East, India, and parts of Africa. The Aswan botanical island covers 17 Feddans and it is divided into 27 squares with vertical and horizontal paths

Nubian Village
Nubian Village

Sailing with a motorboat passing the first cataract and watching the best part of the Nile River in Egypt is real fun. A small island, birds, granite formations on the way make the sailing unforgettable. Upon arrival to the Nubian village, you will start with the Nubian school to see the difference between the Arabic language and the Nubian spoken language.
Listen to your guide about the difference between Nubian's opened-minded people and the Bedouin closed-minded people. Enter a Nubian class, a seat on the Nubian benches, and listen to a Nubian lesson before you start your free walk through the village roads and colored shops and nice incense they burn.

Nubian House
Nubian House

Amazing, unique painted houses in Nubia where you can be so close to the traditions and cultures of the Nubian lifestyle. Ask and listen to the answers to why Nubian marry Nubians and they never marry normal Egyptian people. Why and when they mummified their animal? Why they keep crocodiles at home? Why they left the Old Nubia and if they like to go back or not?
Many interesting things about the very friendly and hospitable Nubians you will know while relaxing and smoking shisha and sipping typical Nubian tea with fresh meant before you start your way back to Aswan.

Aswan Attractions
Aswan Attractions

Enjoy Aswan city from the water and look at some of the Aswan highlights like Aswan Nilometer, the famine stele, and the Isis hotel which is the best in Aswan. Upon arrival, you will go back to your Nile cruise or hotel.


  • Felucca ride
  • Motorboat ride
  • Aswan Botanical Garden
  • Nubian Village
  • Any personal expenses
  • Henna Tattoos in the Nubian Village
  • Tipping

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Aswan, Egypt
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