Red Sea Fish | Marine Life in the Red Sea Egypt | Discover What is the biggest fishes, rarest fish, Species, The most dangerous and poisonous inhabitants,

Queen Hatshepsut, New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, one of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs was the first one who sent an expedition to the Land of Punt on the Red Sea coast for trading.

Later on, Darius of Persia sent reconnaissance missions to the Red Sea. Alexander the great later in the late 4th century BC sent the Greek naval expeditions down the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean.

Roam emperor Augustus chose the Red Sea for the Roman trade with India. The importance of the Red Sea continued in the Middle Ages when it was very important for the Spice trade route. We mentioned before that the Red Sea has unique and amazing coral reefs and clear and warm water.

The Red Sea is the warmest and saltiest Sea in the world and that relates to the high evaporation and low precipitation. Again, the truth is that the Red Sea is the only one that does not connect to any Rivers.

It also has crystal-clear water because of that, there is an inflow of sand or silt. Moreover, the Red Sea is in the tropical zone that’s why the water temperature is always warm and suitable for diving and can see Dolphins Red Sea.

Red Sea Fish | Marine Life in the Red Sea Egypt

Despite this, the Sea has a diversity of species makes it potential for coastal tourism. Tourism is an important source of foreign currency for underdeveloped countries that have no exportable natural resources. Tourist arrivals in the region approximately tripled between 1995 and 2010, reaching 33 million presences. Such development has created evident negative impacts on the marine environment.

The Red Sea is a very popular tourist destination because it is very rich in its flora and fauna. More than a thousand species of fish have been identified in the Red Sea, they have unusual shapes and colors. Overall, scientists still believe that what’s known till now is almost half of the Red Sea inhabitants and many of the deep-sea fish are still unexplored. To meet some of these beautiful Red Sea Fish, it is enough to join one of our driving tours Snorkeling in Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh as Diving in Ras Mohamed, and Marsa Alam as following

The top ten of the most beautiful Red Sea Fish


Masked Puffer

Masked Butterflyfish

Rusty Parrotfish

Giant Squirrelfish


Emperor Angelfish

Striped Surgeonfish

Falco Hawkfish


Red Sea Fish, Most popular and not dangerous or Poisonous to human



Dernocracy Croaker

Napoleon fish (wrasse, Maori)

Butterflyfishes (fish-moth)

Duopoloy Amphiprion

Red Sea Fish Species




Scorpionfish & Stonefish

Crocodile fish









The most dangerous and poisonous inhabitants

Besides, the harmless and peaceful Red Sea fish, there are a large number of dangerous and poisonous species as following



Fish needle

Dangerous Red Sea Fish

The Red Sea as it has some peaceful fish and harmless, it has also some dangerous animals but if you leave then in peace nothing will happen. Red Sea fish hurt only to protect themselves.

Lion Fish

Lionfish are dangerous when they get touched

Scorpionfish Family

The family of scorpionfish, which include the stonefish, the scorpionfish, the lionfish, and the Red Sea Walkman, is extremely poisonous. So, pay attention when you touch a rock or dead coral.

Torpedo Ray

The torpedo ray can give you an electric shock of 220 volts if you touch it.


Triggerfish are nesting in May and thus become extremely territorial. Their territory is funnel-shaped from the bottom of the sea up to the surface. The best plan of action is to swim around it while you keep your distance. The triggerfish will try to scare you and won’t give up easily. If a triggerfish attacks, it will try to bite you. In that case, keep your fins between yourself and the triggerfish until it gives up the attack.


The tip of the tail of a ray is poisonous and can, depending on the place of the sting, be fatal. In the Red Sea, ray attacks are rare because a ray just swims away when it feels threatened.

Fire Coral

Fire coral is not poisonous, but can give you a lot of discomforts, such as burns and blisters if you touch it.

Conus Geographus

In the Conus Geographus, a small graphic-looking shell lives an animal that shoots arrows to catch pray or to protect itself. The poison in a single arrow can kill 15 people, so don’t touch it.

Sea Urchins

Only when you step on them, Sea Urchins sting. The poison can cause a lot of pain. In rare cases, you have to visit a doctor. Sea Urchins are common near the shore, so be careful where you place your feet when you walk into the sea and start your trip with Diving Center Hurghada.

The potentially dangerous fish

Ray Species




Sea urchins

Fire Coral

Moray Eels

The Most insidious fish types in Hurghada



The sea dragon.

The most important edible Red Sea Fish


Of trevally

Sea bass


Fish Wahoo