When we talk about Egypt, Places to visit in Egypt pop up in our mind are pyramids and temples. But when you pay a visit to Egypt, you will realize that this country has a lot to offer that will leave you awe-struck. Egypt attractions may blow your imagination with their enigmatic history, unique culture, landmarks, and much more.

Below, we have listed some amazing places to visit in Egypt and things to do in Cairo. So, let’s get started!

Visit Giza Pyramids
Tour to Egypt is incomplete without visiting one and the only existing wonder of the world, the huge pyramids in Giza (man-made tallest structure).

This great pyramid was built around 4,500 years ago. If you have planned to visit the great pyramid, you will visit the nearby Sphinx, both are included in the same ticket by Giza Pyramids Tour from Cairo.

Things to Do in Cairo, Giza Pyramids

  • Go inside the great pyramids and explore the energy inside it.
  • Capture the view of Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure pyramids.
  • Do not forget to take a selfie with the Sphinx.
  • Visit Valley Temple or what’s called a mummification temple.
  • Have some fun on a camel ride.
  • Watch the Sound and Light Show if you have time.
  • Do the photoshoots of kissing the Great Sphinx shot.
  • Enjoy a two hours Cairo Nile Dinner Cruise with live singers, a Tanoura show, a belly dancer show by Cairo Tours.
  • Give a visit to the oldest capital and the first stone structure, the Step Pyramid.

Egyptian Museum | Best Places to Visit in Egypt

The Egyptian Museum is the famous and oldest museum in the Middle East of Cairo. This museum contains the largest collection of Pharaonic antiquities around the world. In this museum, you will find the extensive collections of the Predynastic Period and Greco-Roman Era.

Now Egypt has 3 Museums, the national Egyptian Museum in Tahrir square dates back to 1902, The Egyptian Museum of civilization in Old Cairo, newly opened and the Grand Egyptian Museum near Giza Pyramids and which will be opened soon.

Things To Do | Places to visit in Egypt

While visiting the Egyptian museum, you should not miss seeing the following archaeological and cultural Egyptian attractions.

  • Tutankhamun’s Mask
  • The Grave Mask of king Amenemope
  • Statue of Khafra
  • Narmer Palette
  • Statue of Menkaure
  • Merenptah Stele
  • Mummy Mask of Psusennes I
  • Khufu Statue
  • Bust of Akhenaten
  • Hatshepsut Sphinx statue
  • Tuya and Thuya treasures

Saqqara and Memphis

Saqqara also spelled Sakkara is the cemetery of the oldest capital of Egypt, Memphis. The name Saqqara is derived from the name of the ancient god Soker, God of the necropolis.

Saqqara houses many monuments from the prehistoric era till the late period of Egyptian history. The first stone structure, the step pyramid at Saqqara, the Unas Pyramid, and Tity Pyramid.

Sakkara hosts also some of the most beautiful high officials’ tombs like the Mereroka tomb and the Kagemni tomb. One of the great discoveries at Saqqara is the Serapeum.

The archaeologist Mariette discovered the Serapium in 1850. Most probably the Serapeum is where they buried sacred bulls of Apis.

Places to Visit in Egypt

Explore the Valley of Kings

The valley of the kings is well known for pharaohs building their tombs in it about 3500 years ago. Dead bodies of kings of the New Kingdom were buried underground in this valley; therefore, it is the most magnificent burial ground.

These tombs are located inside the mountains to hide them from looters. Unfortunately, the valley gets robbed in the past and in modern times, and most of the mummies we found in Deir El-Bahari cache DB 320.

Some of the most well-known mummies found in that tomb are the mummy of Seti I (XIX Dynasty) in his coffin, the mummy of Tuthmosis I, and the mummy of Amenhotep I (XVIII Dynasty).

Valley of the Kings is famous for its tombs full of mummies of kings, artifacts, and treasures. When you visit the Valley of the kings, you will have the chance to visit 3 tombs with the ticket you will obtain. There are almost 7 available tombs you can choose 3 out of them but do not miss to pay a visit by Luxor Tours to the following best tombs if you like against charge


Nile River Cruise

Nile River cruise is the center of Egypt’s attraction among tourists due to its archaeologist treasure wealth and Egypt culture. This cruise brings you the history of pharaohs, towering between Luxor and Aswan. You will visit all the sightseeing along the Nile River.

Things To Do

  • See the incredible archaeological and historical sites along the bank of the Nile.
  • Do not forget to take photos of the traditional life of Egyptians and their landscape.
  • Learn about the importance of the Nile’s history.
  • Experience the floating down of ancient waters on a river cruise.
  • Try different delicious Egyptian delicacies.

Places to Visit in Egypt

Aswan | Top Places to Visit in Egypt

Aswan is a city in the south of Egypt in Nubia, almost 1000 km to the south of Cairo and it is 90 meters above sea level. The name was a word in hieroglyphics Swan means souk or making business.

It was a commercial center, a meeting point for convoys coming from Africa and north of Egypt. Egyptian pharaohs used to ship the red, pink, and black granite stones to build their Pyramids. Aswan is not only famous for its Sharm climate, and attractive nature but also is famous as an archaeological site.

The city was very strategic got the pharaohs to assure the safety of the southern border of Egypt. Meanwhile, it was the refuge for the Christian during the Roman era as it was very far from their capital in the north, Alexandria.

Christian converted the temples into churches and they lived far from the Roman persecution. You can reach Aswan from anywhere in Egypt by train from Cairo, and domestic flights.

You can reach Aswan from Hurghada Tours, Marsa Alam, and El Quseir. Aswan has a population of about one million. Most of them are Nubians and they speak the Nubian language.

The importance of the city started in the Old Kingdom and lasted till the New Kingdom. Hatshepsut cut her very famous Obelisks from Aswan quarries. While you are in Aswan do not miss visiting some of the Aswan attractions on our

  1. High Dam
  2. Aswan old Dam
  3. Granite quarries
  4. Philae temple
  5. Abu Simbel
  6. St Simon monastery
  7. Nubian Village
  8. Elephantine island
  9. Mausoleum Khan Aga
  10. Sofitel Legend Old Cataract
  11. Botanical Island

The Red Sea Coast – Heaven for Diver’s

Sharm El-sheik, a popular tourist destination in Egypt, is a holiday resort with luxury hotels, casinos, nightclubs, and travelers seeking sun, sea, and sand. Although the Red Sea is the true beauty of this place, Sharm El-Sheik vacations are also quite popular. The Red Sea is famous for its clear azure waters and plenty of exotic fish and coral, which is why it is such a popular diving destination.

Things To Do Sharm El-sheik

  • Swim and sunbathe on resort beaches
  • Experience windsurfing
  • Diving and snorkeling at the farm sites of the Red Sea like Ras Mohamed
  • St. Paul’s and Anthony’s Monastery
  • St. Catharine monasteries
Places to Visit in Egypt