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Dahabiya Nile Cruise Private




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Dahabiya Nile Cruise is a different journey to Egypt. A slight difference that makes a great shift in your life.  Nile sailing Dahabiya is a journey like no other journey? Are you ready to go through a journey to detox your body, soul, and mind to make an impact on the whole world?

Nile cruise Dahabiya is one of the highlights of a luxury trip to Egypt.  Dahabiya boat is a traditional sailing boat since antiquity. The Dahabiya cruise has no motor and it’s powered by wind and the program is not set in stone. We will stop for swimming and dinner on an island and visit unreached places by the big Nile cruises. You will be able to visit the ancient monuments far from the crowds and visit typical local villages and Nile islands.

We will explore Luxor sights like Karnak temple, Hatshepsut temple, and Valley of the Kings. We will walk sphinx avenue and visit the local markets. Also, you will visit the amazing double temple of Kom Ombo besides Horus temple. Meanwhile, we will visit El Selsela Mountains, the quarries from which they cut the sandstone for building the temples in ancient times.

During this leisurely Dahabiya sailing trip, you will have enough time to know about Nubians and their traditions. Egypt package Dahabiya Nile cruise includes the entrance fee for all the mentioned sights in the program with meals. Egypt tour packages feature archaeologist guides, deluxe accommodations, and private tours, and are an excellent introduction to the Land of the Pharaohs. This tour starts from Luxor and ends in Aswan.

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