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3 Days Cairo Alexandria Tour from Hurghada Egypt

Cairo, Egypt
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3 Days Cairo Alexandria Tour from Hurghada Egypt Tours

Discover the best of Cairo Alexandria 3 Days tour from Hurghada. Enjoy Egypt’s classic tours including Cairo attractions like the Pyramids of Giza, Egyptian Museum, and Old Cairo. Visit the oldest mosque in Cairo Amr ibn Al Ass Mosque, the oldest church Abu Serga Church, Hanging Church and the Synagogue. Explore Alexandria, the capital of Egypt during the Greco-Roman era.

Cairo Museum

Your Cairo Alexandria 3 Days tour from Hurghada begins with the Egyptian Museum.  The Egyptian Museum is a must-visit place while you are in Hurghada. Whether the old one in Tahir square or the GEM one near Pyramids. Your guide will explain some of the secrets of the Ancient Egyptian civilization. Discover Yuya and Tuya treasures, Tutankhamun treasures, Mummies, and sarcophagi.

Old Cairo

After lunch, you will proceed to Old Cairo where you can enter and visit the oldest church in Egypt, Oldest Synagogue, and the oldest mosque. Then you will go to rest in your Cairo hotel till the second day as part of your Cairo day tours.


Alexandria from Cairo will take place on the second day. Explore the significant Roman Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa, Pompey’s Pillar, and the ruins of a Roman temple complex. Qaitbay Citadel as well as the Bibliotheca Alexandrina from the outside. Back from Alexandria to rest in Cairo.

End your Cairo Alexandria 3 Days tour from Hurghada with the first step Pyramids in Egypt Step Pyramid of Djoser. Meanwhile, you may like to visit the tomb of Mereruka or the Serapeum (against charge).

Cairo Alexandria 3 Days tour from Hurghada is Best Hurghada Tours, which includes pick-up from your hotel and two nights at a hotel. you will have your archeologist guide who will be with you during the trip. the trip operates daily upon request as it’s a private excursion.

Egypt tour packages from Hurghada includes the entrance fee for all the mentioned sights in the program with meals. Egypt package features archeologist guides, deluxe accommodations, and private tours.

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Day 1: Hurghada Cairo

Early pickup from your hotel in Hurghada around 03.00 am to Cairo, the capital of Egypt. Cairo is the 15th largest city in the world, and the largest metropolitan city in Africa, Middle East, and the Arab World.
Upon arrival to Cairo, you will start your tour with your archaeologist guide from the oldest part of Cairo and the oldest Islamic mosque in Egypt.
Amr ibn El Ass mosque
one of the oldest most important Islamic monuments in Egypt was built in 641-642 AD.
Saints Sergius and Bacchus Church also known as Abu Serga
The church is one of the oldest Coptic churches in Egypt, dating back to the 3rd or the 4th century. It is believed that the church was built over the traditional site of a cave said to have sheltered the Holy Family during their trip in Egypt.
Ben Ezra Synagogue
the Synagogue is considered the oldest Jewish temple in Cairo, dating from 882 AD. The importance of the Ben Ezra Synagogue is that it's believed that the baby Moses was found there. Also, a copy of the Old Testament was found in the place written by prophet Ezra or Al-Azir.

Egyptian Museum

After you will visit the old Cairo, you will continue your tour of the Egyptian Museum. The biggest collection of ancient artifacts in one place. 5000 years of history from the Predynastic period (Prehistoric Egypt) to the Greco-Roman period. Marvel at the treasure of the boy king Tutankhamen including his golden mask and the most inner sarcophagus.
Visit the animal's mummies room (free of charge) and see how ancient Egyptians mummified their favorite animals like dogs, baboons, cows, crocodiles, cats, and monkeys. Check the free mummies on the first floor and see the difference between royal mummies, rich people, and poor people mummies.
Do not miss the statues of the heretic king Akhenaton and his wife Nefertiti and the ruins of his palace found in Tell el-Amarna or Tell Amarna. Also, have a look at the 7.50 cm statue of Khufu(Cheops) the builder of the great pyramid. Make some photos for the Khafre(Chephren) dolerite statue and Mycerinus basalt triads

Hotel check-in

Check-in at your hotel in Cairo and enjoy your time at your leisure or share in one of the optional tours like Cairo by night, a Sound and light show at the Giza Pyramids, or a dinner cruise on the River Nile.

Day 2 Cairo Alexandria

Enjoy your breakfast at your hotel then join your guide to start your visit to Alexandria, the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea. Alexandria the second largest Egyptian city after Cairo, and it was the capital of Egypt for about 600 years. Alexander the great found Alexandria around 323 BC on the site of a small village called Rhakotis. Alexandria is Egypt’s largest seaport and the center of much of its maritime activity.
There are a lot see in Alexandria like Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Qaitbay Citadel, Royal Jewellery Museum, Cleopatra’s Palace, Alexandria National Museum, Stanly bridge, Montazah Palace Gardens, The Catacomb of Kom El Shoqafa, and Pompey's pillar.
Your tour will include the Roman Amphitheater, catacombs of Kom el shoqafa, and Qaitbay citadel.

Alexandria Cairo

Finally, you will start your trip back to Cairo for about 280 km with a coffee break in the middle of the way.
Overnight at the hotel
Back to the hotel and free time at your leisure till the next morning.

Day 3: Giza Pyramids

Enjoy your breakfast at your hotel then check out and start your day to your Cairo tour includes
Giza Pyramids
The tombs of the Egyptian kings during the Old Kingdom between 2686–2150 BC. Enjoy exploring the Giza Pyramids with your guide and listen to Egypt's biggest mysteries, how? How Pyramids were built? You will have many stops in the area, you will start with the great Pyramids, the largest and the oldest between the Giza Pyramids. The Great Pyramid is the oldest and the only remains one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Open your heart and listen to your guide on how they cut 2.3 million blocks and how they built the pyramid and why it's 138 meters high now instead of 146 meters.
Continue your tour in the Giza pyramids to go in one of the small pyramids, Queens pyramids (free of charge). Then drive up the what's called Panorama to see the Pyramids lined together and make some unforgettable photos.

Sphinx and the Valley temple

Auguste Mariette discovered the Valley temple in 1852 and seems it was used for a step of the mummification process called the opening of the mouth when the KA of the deceased entered his body again.End your visit with the mythical creature, the great Sphinx of the king Khafre. The great Sphinx in the Pyramids area is a statue with the body of a lion and the head of a human. The statue is carved from one single piece of stone and it measures 73 meters long and 20 meters high.

Saqqara and the Step Pyramid

Saqqara, also spelled Sakkara is the first stone structure on earth, and it’s the necropolis of the 3rd Dynasty and one of the largest burial sites in Egypt. For history fans, Saqqara is a must because it houses the first Pyramid in mankind, the Step Pyramid of Djoser or Zoser.
Who does not know the Egyptian architect Imhotep, the creator of the earliest major stone structure in the world? Explore the first Pyramid complex of the step Pyramids with its 60 meters high mastabas, enclosure wall, roofed colonnade entrance, Serdab court, and the Heb-Sed court.

Cairo Hurghada

Enjoy your freshly cooked lunch in a beautiful local restaurant called Al Azba then start your way back to Hurghada.


  • Transfer with air-conditioned limousine or Minibus
  • Entrance fee for all the sightseeing mentioned in the program
  • The professional guide speaks your language
  • 2 nights in 4**** hotels on a B/B basis
  • 3 Lunch
  • Professional guide
  • Entrance ticket for any of the 3 Pyramids
  • Solar boat Museum in the Giza Pyramids area
  • Entrance ticket for Meriroka tomb in Saqqara

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Cairo, Egypt
from $360

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