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Hurghada Holiday Packages to Cairo, Egyptian Oases, Luxor | Booking Best Egypt Tour Packages

Hurghada, Egypt
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Hurghada Holiday Packages to Cairo, Egyptian Oases, Luxor | Booking Best Egypt Tour Packages

Hurghada Holiday Packages are a different journey to Egypt and a slight difference that makes a great shift in your life. Desert Oases and desert safari Egypt are on the top of the best Hurghada Tours. A white desert tour is a way to open your heart, mind, and soul and welcome new ideas, and new inspiration from nature You will enjoy the desert life.

Our Best Egypt tours to the Egyptian Oases start with a private transfer from Hurghada to Cairo. We will discover ancient Egyptian History, and the famous ancient Egyptian pharaohs during the visit to top Cairo tourist attractions. Explore the Pyramids of Giza, the The Great Sphinx, and the Valley Temple of Khafre during your tour to the Giza Pyramids.

Bahaiya Oasis

Hurghada Excursions to Bahariya Oasis in the western desert of Egypt is a journey that is never like any other journey. The White desert with its Pure nature, sky, and stars are unbelievable. However, you will explore Crystal Mountain, Black Desert, The Sand Dune, The Valley of Agabat, and climb the English mountain.

Later on, we will drive to Farafra Oasis where we will visit Qasr El- Farafra and its surroundings, Badr Museum and we will bathe in Beir Seta, one out of 100 wells in Farafra.

Dakhala Oasis & Kharga Oasis

A night in Dakhla Oasis with the tour to the fantastic Al-Qasr village, the labyrinth, or the old town. Dakhla Oasis is famous for its fantastic mud-brick houses, wooden door lintels; narrow alleys separate houses, and a mosque that dates back to the Ottoman and Mamluks Era.

Egypt Tour Packages to Cairo, Egyptian Oases, Luxor from Hurghada includes Kharga Oasis. Kharga is the largest and most populated Oasis in the Western Desert. Kharga Oasis tour will include the Cemetery of Bagawat, the tomb of Exodus, the tomb of Peace, and the temple of Hibis. Then drive to Luxor for a night at a hotel.

Top Luxor tourist attractions

In Luxor, we will visit the Valley of the Kings, Tomb of Tutankhamun, Mortuary temple of Hatshepsut (Deir El Bahari), and Colossi of Memnon of Amenhotep III on Luxor west bank.

Then Egypt Palma Tours desert safari package will end in Karnak temple on Luxor East Bank before we drive to Hurghada. In general, the Bahariya Oasis tour along with Cairo and Luxor are the best things to do in Egypt to have unforgettable memories.

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  • Hurghada
  • Baharia Oasis / Farafra Oasis
  • Dakhla Oasis / Kharga Oasis
  • White Desert / Black Desert
  • Crystal Mountain / Hot&cold springs
  • Luxor attractions


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Day 1 Hurghada
Day 1 Hurghada

Upon your arrival at the Hurghada International Airport, you will be greeted by our representative who will assist you through the immigration and customs formalities. You will be transferred with an air-conditioned vehicle to your hotel in Hurghada where you will check-in and stay overnight.

Day 2 Hurghada Cairo
Day 2 Hurghada Cairo

You will be wakeup with an ordered call bit earlier to enjoy a little extra breakfast arranged in the hotel restaurant before your guide will pick you up with an A/C vehicle to Cairo. Approx. in the middle of the distance you will stop in the rest house for a little coffee break or toilette pause.
Old Cairo

Upon arrival to Cairo, you will start your full-day tour with Old Cairo; you will visit the church of St. Sergius (Abu Serge) where you will see the place where the Virgin Mary and her son rested during their trip in Egypt.
You will visit also the oldest mosque in Egypt, Amr Ibn El Ass Mosque.

Egyptian Museum

You will proceed to the Egyptian Museum or the treasure house where you will see the treasure of king Tutankhamun including his golden mask and his golden sarcophagus. Moreover, on the ground floor, you can find the treasure of the chronological order from the predynastic period until the end of the Roman period.

Giza Pyramids

Sure, you will see the great Pyramids of Giza and the famous Sphinx, the only wonder from the old seven wonders date back to the year 4500 BC but sure not before lunch, will be taken in a local restaurant.
After you will finish your tour, you will check-in in your hotel in Cairo, dinner, and overnight for a rest.

Cairo Bahariya
Cairo Bahariya

Breakfast will be taken in your hotel then your guide will pick you up from your hotel with an air-conditioned vehicle straightforward to Bahariya Oasis along the Tariq El-Wahat. Upon arrival, we will check-in at your hotel in Bahariya then we will start touring the village. We will visit the Museum of the Golden Mummies, from a Greco-Roman necropolis (they are called like this because they are covered with layers of gold). Finally, you can enjoy a sunset view from the top of a hill where you can see the English House (nickname was given to the old fortress). From here, you can see an amazing view of Bahariya Oasis below, and then back to the hotel, Dinner and free time at leisure or 1 hour walking through the street of the Oasis to explore the nightlife of the Wahati people or the people who are living there with a chance to seat on the normal coffee shop and have an Egyptian typical drink.

Day 4 White Desert
Day 4 White Desert

Breakfast will be taken at your hotel with some free time to enjoy the village activity in the morning. Who wants, don´t miss the chance to try the typical Egyptian Falafel with Aish Baladi or bread or just watch drinking tea on café by local people, discussing the weather or sharing their jokes.
Sure you can meet little children who approach new visitors with friendliness and curiosity, shouting "HELLO" but want nothing. We will start out tour in 4*4 Jeeps to the Sand Dunes and the Salt Lake, where we can stop and enjoy walking for a while then we will drive to the Black Desert (Mountains and hills rich in black Basalt), seems the wind after thousands of years exposed this basalt and dispersed the rocks everywhere over the area giving it a black appearance, Gebel El Marsos is one of the most famous mountains there and provides a nice view over the surrounding landscape, makes you feel like you are not on earth but on another planet. The next stop will be El Heiz village and its spring where you will have a bath (no Jacuzzi can quite compare to Bahariya's springs and wells), till our Chef will prepare the lunch for us. After getting our delicious meal we will continue to the Crystal Mountain, which's said to be a sub-volcanic vault dating from the Oligocene age. You can walk up the hill or get a great photo of the sun shining through the picturesque natural arch. From the Crystal Mountain, we will drive off-road to Aqabat or Agabat is a small beautiful valley of unusual beautiful mountain formations. The next stop is a beautiful land escape which is absolutely out of the world, The White Desert or The White Desert National Park, magnificent natural rock formation by wind over millions of years. Many of the formations are given funny names such as Tents, Mushrooms, Ice Cream Cones, Ostriches, Hawks, and Crickets; they are best viewed at sunrise or sunset when the sun turns them hues of pink and orange or under a full moon which gives the ghostly appearance. Camping in the White Desert, barbeque dinner, and folkloric party (special music performances and dancing around the fire, by our drivers) is what you can be expecting. After you will fully enjoy the unforgettable scenes, visible stars in a quiet atmosphere will help you to lay outside the tent and gaze until your soul, mind, and body will be content.

Day 5 Farafra – Dakhla
Day 5 Farafra – Dakhla

Wake up from a quiet and peaceful night, having breakfast in a Camping area then driving 40 kilometers to Farafra Oasis which is known since antiquity and it’s a single village famous for its strong traditions and piety. You will tour the city and look at the one-floor mud-brick houses with short wooden doors and rooftops made of dried palm tree trunks and wooden beams covered with mud. You will visit Qasr El- Farafra and its surroundings and how the people of the Oasis used it as a refuge and defensive area against external aggression. Then visit a unique place in Farafra (Badr Museum), the mine of information for the traditional life of the Oasis in sculpture. Badr Abd El Moghny, a Farafra citizen and a self-taught artist, built his Museum himself from Mud-Brick in Pharaonic design and decorates with animals and plants. All his artwork is made from objects found in surrounded areas of the Oasis. You will have the chance to bathe in Beir Seta, one out of 100 wells in Farafra, Warm water with high percentages of sulfur useful for some diseases. So do not forget your swimming dress, after finishing bathing we will head to Dakhla oasis directly, 230kilometers away. Dakhla is one of the most beautiful Oases in Egypt with its fantastic Al- Qasr village, the labyrinth or the old town with its fantastic mud-brick houses, wooden door lintels; narrow alleys separate houses, mosque dates back to the Ottoman and Mamluks with its Islamic architecture period and 11-century Madrasa or School. There is a beautiful panoramic view of the village from the top of AL-Qasr, overnight at the hotel.

Day 6 Dakhla-Kharga-Luxor
Day 6 Dakhla-Kharga-Luxor

Breakfast at the hotel then drive to Kharga Oasis, 190 kilometers away, itis known that Kharga is the largest and most populated Oasis in the Western Desert, it has many places we can visit but we will start with the Cemetery of Bagawat, which dates back between the second and seventh century AD. It was a refuge place for the Christians from Roman persecution. They escaped from northern Egypt and were restored to Kharga. More than 263 small, domed tombs with a church in the middle, one of the oldest in Egypt. The tomb of Exodus is very important because it shows a pharaoh forcing the Israelis to go out of Egypt, The tomb of Peace which has many colored Coptic inscriptions and figures for Jacob, the Virgin Mary, St, Paul. Other tombs explain the Coptic life during that period. Not far from here we will visit the temple of Hibis, which was closed for restoration in the 1980s, and inaugurated in October 2012. It is the best-preserved temple in the Western Desert and was used as a garrison until 330BC. Lunch then driving to Luxor, check-in in a hotel, and overnight.

Day 7 Luxor
Day 7 Luxor

Breakfast at the hotel then starts a full day trip with your Egyptologist to Luxor sightseeing, visiting the west and east banks most important sightseeing including Valley of the Kings, the temple of the queen Hatshepsut and Memnon Colossi. Lunch will be taken at a local restaurant with the Nile view then visiting Karnak temples on the east bank of the River, and then you will be transferred to Hurghada where you will check-in and have overnight.

Day 8 Hurghada
Day 8 Hurghada

Breakfast will be taken at the hotel then free time at leisure till final departure to Hurghada international airport.

Important Note:

- On occasions, there may be a possibility of a slight alternation in the itinerary due to local conditions or any other circumstances beyond our control. All included visits will be operated where possible.
- Please note that we retain the right to subject our itineraries to a change. Thanks for your comprehensive understanding.


  • 2 nights Hurghada in 4 stars hotel on an all-inclusive basis
  • 1 night in Cairo in 4 stars hotel on a H/B basis
  • 1-night Bahariya in 3 stars hotel on H/B basis
  • 1-night camping in the White Desert
  • 1-night Dakhla in 3 stars hotel on H/B basis
  • 1 night Luxor 4 stars hotel based on H/B
  • All transfers mentioned above with an air-conditioned (A/C) vehicle
  • Transfer in Bahariya, Black and White desert till Farafra with 4*4 Jeeps
  • Single and double-domed shaped tent with mattresses pillows and sleeping bags
  • All camping fees and permits
  • A professional guide speaks your language during the whole trip
  • Entrance fees for all the sightseeing mentioned above
  • Snack- tea, coffee during days on deserts
  • Any personal expenses
  • Tipping kitty
  • Entry visa

Tour's Location

Hurghada, Egypt
from $2000

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