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Spiritual Egypt Tours | Egypt Spiritual Tours

Cairo, Egypt
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10 Days 9 Nights

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The spiritual Egypt tours to Egypt are different from any other ordinary tour.  You’ll experience every day a slight difference, but in the end, shall make a major difference in your life.  Are you ready for a “Treasure Hunting Adventure”?!do not you think it is time to go through a tour to discover your precious self, your built-in gifts, your hidden potential, and lead a life you deserve?  is not it time to put them into action to make a major shift in your performance in every aspect of life?  spiritual Egypt tours will detox your body, mind & soul so you would be able to affect people and make a positive impact on the whole world?   Have you ever considered yourself a precious treasure?!

Egypt is a place where it all began

What if you have been gifted a package of unique talents you know nothing about & potentials you never imagined existed, the moment you came into the world?  It has been concealed since then, don’t you think it’s time to unveil your gifts, unleash your potential, make very good use of them to be a better version of yourself and to experience “Excellence”.

Egypt spiritual tours & meditation in Egypt 

Are you looking for a Spiritual and meditation tour to Egypt and Egypt Spiritual Tours?  What you put inside your system does not only affect your body’s physical function. but it has a huge effect also on both your mind and soul. this Egypt tour package plan to Detox your body is about selecting what is more beneficial for your system. The plan to detox your mind is about helping you to observe how your mind works. Besides, what are the governing beliefs, and thoughts that control your mind and produce emotions that affect your behavior negatively?  You will have the responsibility to change what is not serving you.

We start with the mind. you are going to detox your mind from all the beliefs that limited your potential. You will be in charge of changing the useful beliefs and creating new ones that produce positive feelings which affect your behavior in a very positive way.

This plan is based mainly on the ancient Egyptian beliefs mixed with modern science. You will connect with the ancient Egyptians. You will approach their thoughts, their beliefs, and their lifestyle. Equally, you will be learning from them how did they perform in all aspects of life perfectly.

These 10 days of Spiritual Egypt Tours to Cairo, Bahariya Oasis, Aswan, Luxor, and Hurghada to open your heart, mind, and soul. As a matter of fact. you will be able to welcome new ideas, and new inspiration from your ancestors? Are you ready to observe the different cultures and learn what is useful for you?

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  • Cairo
  • Bahariya Oasis
  • Aswan / Kom Ombo / Edfu
  • Luxor
  • Hurghada


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Day 1 Arrival Cairo
Day 1 Arrival Cairo

Our representative will assist you through immigration and customs formalities. After having your luggage; you will be taken in our deluxe vehicle to your hotel in Cairo. After noon we will start our half-day tour to
Upon your arrival to Egypt, you will be going through a unique experience, you will be introduced to the greatest monuments of Egypt and the only remaining wonders of the old 7 wonders of the world. You will be getting inside the great pyramid of Giza, the first thing you are going to do besides the Giza pyramids and the Sphinx, and before getting inside receive a meditation session to prepare you for the journey.
The first session is to be ready to receive inspiration, light, and guidance from the ancient Egyptian and to let them know that you are ready to receive. This meditation session is to allow the energy of the Pyramid to effect you positively. Every day you will be receiving a meditation session aligning with the detox plan for your mind, body, and soul.
Giza Pyramids and the Great Sphinx
Start your tour with the only surviving wonder of the old seven wonders, the Great Pyramid. Listen to your guide who built the Pyramids in Egypt? And why? King Khufu from the 4th dynasty built the oldest and the largest Pyramid in Giza. The Great Pyramid is considered one of the most magnificent man-made structures in the old world.
Walk with your guide and have a look at the original entrance which is closed till now. Approach the Pyramid and see the only four blocks of the original causing cut from a very fine white limestone. Keep walking around the great Pyramid and visit one of the small Pyramids of queens and see the boat bits which contained one day the real boats of the king.
Chephren Pyramid is not far from the Great Pyramid and it is the only one that still keeps the casing neat it's very top. Khafre Pyramid is the second tallest on the Giza plateau and it was built on higher ground.
You will then drive along with the worker's tombs till you reach the Panorama. The best place where you can have an amazing shot of all the pyramids together with the small ones. You can experience also camel-riding to enjoy the desert view and the Pyramids (against charge).
The Great Sphinx
End your Pyramids of Giza tour by the Great Sphinx and the Valley temple. Listen from your guide to why it is with lion body and animal head? And where is the nose? The story behind the dream stele and the mummification temple.
Lunch, dinner

Day 2 Bahariya Oasis
Day 2 Bahariya Oasis

On the 2nd day, you will have a different experience. You will be enjoying the desert life. You will be traveling to Bahariya Oasis in the western desert of Egypt and you will be enjoying a meditation session in the white desert. Pure nature, sky, and stars as never seen before. You will have a session which connects you with nature as an element of this nature. Connect you with the 4 major elements Earth, Fire, Air, Water
Western Desert
Breakfast will be taken at the hotel then we will start out an unforgettable tour of the Black and White desert. We will start with the Black Desert (Mountains and hills rich in black Basalt), seems the wind after thousands of years exposed this basalt and dispersed the rocks everywhere over the area giving it a black appearance, Gebel El Marsos is one of the most famous mountains there.
The next stop will be El Heiz village and it's spring where you will have a bath till our chef will prepare the lunch for us, eating, drinking then continue to the Crystal Mountain, it’s said to be a sub-volcanic vault dating from the Oligocene age. You can walk up the hill or get a great photo of the sun shining through the picturesque natural arch.
From the Crystal Mountain, we will drive off-road to Aqabat or Agabat a small beautiful valley of unusual beautiful mountain formations. The next stop is a beautiful land escape that is absolutely out of the world, The White Desert or The White Desert National Park, magnificent natural rock formation by wind over millions of years. Many of the formations are given funny names such as Tents, Mushrooms, Ice Cream Cones and Crickets, camping in the White Desert, Barbeque dinner, and folkloric party by our drivers, dancing and singing around the fire. Then you will enjoy the unforgettable scene, visible stars in a quiet atmosphere will help you to lay outside the tent and gaze until your soul, mind, and body will be content.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 3 Baharia Oasis to sleeper train
Day 3 Baharia Oasis to sleeper train

On the third day, you will experience the Bedouin lifestyle and you will receive a meditation session to connect yourself with yourself. To approach your thoughts and observe what drives you in your life. What are the changes you are willing to do? What are the responsibilities you are going to take? What is the major goal of your life.? What is your higher intention you will be observing yourself in the session?
Breakfast will be in the camping area then drive back to Bahariya, having our lunch at the village before we head back to Giza station to take the sleeper train to Aswan.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 4 Aswan
Day 4 Aswan

Aswan is the sacred land of the goddess Isis, goddess of love. Upon arrival, we will visit the goddess Isis temple, you will be receiving a session that connects you with love, the pure love How to love yourself? How to love nature? How to love all the creatures? How to receive love and give it back? Receiving love and give it back in abundance, how do love effect your life. Are you willing to love yourself? Appreciate yourself? The session will be about unconditional love.
Upon arrival at Aswan train station, we will start our tour to Philae temple. Enjoy a short motorboat riding to the magnificent ISIS temple. You need to open your heart and mind to listen to your guide to the stories behind the building of this temple. Do not miss the myth of Osiris, Isis, and Seth and how the loyal wife Isis found her husband's heart in the area.
Explore with your guide the Curse of the two Obelisks standing one day in front of the first Pylon and what happened to everyone involved in moving them to Kingston Palace in the UK.
Discover the best MAMISI and its function in that time. Do not miss the last Hieroglyphic text in the whole of Egypt in this temple. Look at the beautiful design of transporting Osiris's body on the back of the crocodile from Abydos to Philae. Enjoy the French graffiti dating back to 1800 and the amazing Trajan Kiosk.
Listen from your Egyptologist guide on how the original island was submerged underwater after building the High Dam and how UNESCO launched and saved the temple to its present site. Please remember that the Philae temple was one of the last places where ancient Egyptian religion was practiced even after the spreading of Christianity.
At the end of our tour, we will head to board our Nile cruise for the next 4 days. Lunch on board then free time at your own leisure.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 5 Nile Cruise
Day 5 Nile Cruise

In Abu Simbel temple, you will receive a meditation session about the masculine and feminine energies inside you. Which one leaves, which one dominates? What are the benefits of each energy? How to discover the way to alien these two energies together to get the absolute benefits of them.
Early pick up to Abu Simbel from Aswan to visit the temples of Abu Simbel. You will have two hours there to gaze at the beautiful and phenomenal temples of Ramesses and his beloved Queen Nefertari. Two hours to listen to the story behind the temples and how they were relocated after Egypt built the High Dam in the 1960s. two hours to know why UNESCO launched a successful campaign to save ancient Egyptian temples from being submerged by Nasser Lake water. Researchers, archaeologists, historians, engineers, and architects of 30 countries carried out the rescue mission and they did it.
You will have enough time to enter the two temples of Ramesses II and his beloved wife Nefertari. Check how one of the greatest Egyptian pharaohs loved his wife to the point that he wrote on the façade of her temple” TO WHOM THE SUN SHINES”.
Explore the fabulous reliefs of the King's war against the Hittites in Qadesh and the beautiful offering scenes of the vestibule with the side rooms served as treasuries and storerooms. End your visit to the temple with the sanctuary where you can see the four statues of Ptah, Amun-Re, the pharaoh himself, and Raharakhty.
Move to the temple of Hathor to the north of the great temple. The reliefs on the walls of that temple are of great artistic and historical value.
Once your two hours visit is over, you will be taken back to our Nile cruise for lunch and sail to Kom Ombo temple. We will visit the double temple of the god Sobek and the god Horus. After the visit, you can have a drink at the Nubian coffee shop then walk back to the Nile Cruise and sail to Edfu overnight.
On this day we are going to experience acceptance. In the temple of Kom Ombo, darkness and light the two opposites are living side by side. It is time to experience acceptance what is the intention of accepting, the existence of something you reject.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 6 Nile Cruise
Day 6 Nile Cruise

Breakfast on board then you will be driven to the Horus temple at Edfu, enjoying the horse-drawn carriage. Then the boat will sail from Edfu to Luxor via Esna lock, Lunch will be served on board while sailing
We will experience the victory of good over evil after accepting the existence of evil and the dark side and you are ready to defeat them, you are ready to raise the flag of good, to welcome the dominance of good upon evil.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 7 Nile Cruise Disembarkation Luxor to Hurghada
Day 7 Nile Cruise Disembarkation Luxor to Hurghada

Breakfast will be on board then you will check out and your guide will join you to the west bank of the Nile to visit the beautiful temple of El Deir El Bahari or, Hatshepsut temple, and Memnon Colossi. Lunch at a local restaurant with a Nile view then visit Karnak temple with the goddess Sekhmet shrine where you will experience the meaning of power. Then drive to Hurghada to check-in at your hotel and overnight.
In Karnak, you will be introduced to powers. What does it mean by power? What is the power we have? What is victory? What is protection? You will be presented to the powerful goddess, to Sekhmet herself, and receiving her power to a major shift in your life. Without power, you will never influence others, you will never change. What is the deep meaning of power? The meaning of being powerful?
Hatshepsut temple
In Hatshepsut temple, you will be experiencing flexibility, and wisdom to deal with whatever obstacles you will be meeting during your life journey. Are you insisting on achieving your goals whatever obstacles you will be meeting? Are you flexible to deal with them? Are you wising enough to let go of whatever limits you? Are you putting your goals in front of your eyes? Are you going through your way no matter if someone supports you, or if you are just alone? What’s your goal in your life? What’s your intention? Do you give attention to what people say or do you focus your attention on your intention?
Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 8 Hurghada
Day 8 Hurghada

Breakfast at the hotel then your snorkel guide will pick you up from your hotel with an air-conditioned vehicle to your boat trip from Hurghada. You will be greeted by the boat crew before they will start sailing to the dolphin house area.
One of the best things to do in Hurghada is swimming with dolphins in their natural habitat. Get everybody excited and meet the dolphins in their home. Please keep in mind that dolphins are wild animals and you are guests in their homes. So, do yourself a favor and take When Swimming with Dolphins to ensure a safe, and enjoyable time for yourself and others around you. Enjoy an hour of swimming, and snorkeling with dolphins in the natural environment. You could be lucky to see a large number of them playing in the water, and swimming alongside the boat. The area is amazing as a snorkeling spot, so enjoy and admire the beautiful corals and exotic fish. You will have two or three stops in different places to maximize the fun and allow you to swim with these incredible animals in their homes. They may be so friendly and come to you and swim with you or may not, it’s always their, we do not promise 100%. In general, you have a chance of up to 80% spotting them.
Freshly cooked lunch will be on board containing rice, fish, kofta, pasta, 4 kinds of salads served with Egyptian bread with water, and soft drinks.
At the end of your day and before you reach the marine, you will have to enjoy water sports like Banana and sofa led by zodiac boat. Each group of 4 or 6 people will share each game for a few minutes.
The boat will sail back to Marina late afternoon, while you will relax on board. Your transfer guide will wait for you in the Marina and drive you back to the hotel
Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 9 Hurghada
Day 9 Hurghada

Free day at your own leisure
Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 10 Final departure

Enjoy last breakfast till final departure.


  • Meet and assist at Cairo airport
  • Transfer from Cairo airport to your hotel in Cairo
  • Entrance fees for all the sightseeing mentioned in the program
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Overnight western desert
  • Transfer in Bahariya, Black and White desert till Farafra with 4*4 Jeeps.
  • Single and double domed-shaped tent with mattresses pillows and sleeping bags.
  • All camping fees and permits.
  • Qualified Healer
  • Sleeper train tickets
  • Abu Simbel tour
  • 3 Nights Nile Cruise on full board basis
  • 2 Nights Hurghada hotel 5 ***** on a soft all-inclusive basis
  • Transfer from Hurghada to Cairo airport
  • Private healing session for everyone
  • Meditation session before every temple
  • Entrance fee for the great Pyramid
  • Nubian village
  • Nile Cruise tipping
  • Tipping
  • Beverages on board Nile Cruise and during lunches or dinners
  • Henna Tattoos

Tour's Location

Cairo, Egypt
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