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Private Luxor Trip to Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple Egypt | Best Luxor Tours to Tourist Attractions East Bank

Luxor, Luxor City, Luxor, Egypt
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Private Luxor Trip to Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple Egypt | Best Luxor Tours to Tourist Attractions East Bank

Book a private Luxor trip to Karnak temple and Luxor temple and explore the amazing Luxor East Bank sightseeing with your private Egyptologist.

Start your tour with a Private Transfer from Luxor hotel or Nile River Cruise to Karnak temple.  Karnak temple is a perfect example of the Pharaonic temple on Luxor East Bank and a source of information about ancient Egyptian History.

There are many small temples inside the Karnak complex as the The Temple of Ptah, the temple of Mut, and the temple of Khonsu. Meanwhile, you can admire the hieroglyphics inscriptions on the walls of the temple like the tree of life, and the battle of Kadesh between Ramesses II and the Hittites.

Do not miss Karnak Open Air Museum where you can see the White Chapel of Senusret I and the Red Chapel of Hatshepsut. Luxor day tours to Karnak include the Sacred Lake, Hatshepsut Obelisk, Sekhmet shrine, and the Hypostyle Hall. Experience all the breath-taking luxuries as you see Luxor highlights and history with a private archeologist. Taharqa Kiosk, Temple of Ramesses III dedicated to Amun, Mut, and Khonsu, and Braque Shrine of Seti II are among the most beautiful sites in Karnak.

Luxor Temple

Your Egypt tour package features another top tourist attraction in Luxor city, the Luxor temple. Karnak temple was the holly place of Amun-Re-Kamutef. Firstly, Amenhotep III of the 18th Dynasty started the temple and Rameses II finished it. Tutankhamun, Horemheb, Hatshepsut, and Alexander the Great added parts there.

Luxor Temple has unique reliefs for the Opet Feast and the Divine Birth of Amenhotep III. Karnak Temple is linked to Luxor temple through Sphinx Avenue to celebrate the Opet feast. Finally, you can look at RamesesII twin Obelisk of the Concord one standing in front of Luxor temple. Discover ancient Egyptian history with the top Pharaonic temple on Luxor East Bank with a Private Luxor Trip to Karnak temple and Luxor offered by Egypt Palma Tours.

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  • Karnak temple & Ptah temple
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Karnak temple
Karnak temple

At the agreed time, your Egyptologist guide will pick you up at the reception of your hotel, Nile Cruise, Flat in Luxor to start your Half Day tour to Karnak temple. Karnak temple, also known as the temple of Amun is the largest religious temple in the world. Karnak is a complex of Pylons, Obelisks, Chapels, columns, statues, Sacred lakes, and sanctuaries dedicated to the triad of Luxor Amon, his consort Mut and their son Khonsu. Karnak temple is famous for the vast Hypostyle Hall, the Earth ramp on which they built the pylon.
Karnak is considered an invaluable historical site and resource of information about the evolution of ancient Egypt. Listen from your guide the stories behind each part of the temple and how it was saved between 2001-2003 with a long-term conservation treatment plan. Most of the New Kingdom kings added parts to the Karnak temple-like Tuthmosis III, Ramses II, Seti I, Hatshepsut, Amenhotep III, and Akhenaton.
Discover with your guide the open-air Museum in the Karnak where you can see the Red Chapel of Queen Hatshepsut dates back to her 17th year of reign. The white chapel which is one of the oldest buildings of the Karnak temple dates back to the middle kingdom, king Sesostris. The open-air Museum at Karnak house the limestone chapel of Queen Hatshepsut which was reconstructed by the center Franco-Egyptian.

Luxor temple
Luxor temple

The next stop will be Luxor temple, the twin of Karnak temple. Your guide will explain to you what does it mean daily temple and the difference between the temples on the east bank and those on the west. Luxor temple was built mainly by two kings, Amenhotep III one of the great builders of ancient Egypt, and Ramses II. Luxor temple was part of the great celebration of the feast of Opet between Karnak temple and Luxor temple.
The obelisks of the temple have a nice story you will listen to it from your guide, the colossi decorating the façade of the temple, the shrines, and the hypostyle halls. Luxor is a very unique and elegant temple and it’s like an open book for the Opet feast and the divine birth of Amenhotep III.

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At the end of your tour, you will be driven back to the hotel or Nile cruise.


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Luxor, Luxor City, Luxor, Egypt
from $50

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