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Paramessu was the son of Seti, a troop commander, and judge. He surpassed his father’s position as a troop commander and became the commander of the north during Horemheb’s reign then he became vizier. Later on, he became the first king of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt of The New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt.

was of a non-royal family from eastern Delta.

Before he became a pharaoh, he holds titles like

Paramessu, Ramesses I Titles

general of the lord of the two lands

overseer of horses


overseer of priests of all the gods

Charioteer of His Majesty

Royal Scribe


crown prince in the entire land

The commander of the fortress of Sile, a significant border outpost

Ruled Egypt 2 years maximum

2 statues that portrayed him as a scribe were found at Karnak temple.

A fragmentary small obelisk carries the names of Horemheb and his names

He added parts to the temple of Buhen.

King Ramesses I added reliefs to the Second Pylon at Karnak temple

Ramesses I reopened Egyptian turquoise mines in the Sinai

No military campaigns or at least one military expedition into western Asia

Ramesses I was buried in the uncompleted tomb KV 16 in the Valley of the Kings

Giovanni Belzoni discovered his tomb in 1817 then the tomb was rediscovered in the late 19th century.

The mummy was in a small museum in Niagara Falls, Canada then Emory University in Georgia. Finally, back to Egypt in 2003

Ramesses’ damaged granite sarcophagus

The Pharoah Ramesses had one child with his wife Sitra

Ramesses I royal titles


kꜢ-nḫt wꜢḏ-nsyt – The strong bull, he who rejuvenates the royalty


ḫꜤi-m-nsw-mi-itm – He who appears as a king, like Atum


smn-mꜢꜤt-ḫt-tꜢwi – Who established Maat throughout the Two Lands


mn-pḥti-rꜤ – Eternal is the Strength of Ra


rꜤ-msi-sw – Ra has fashioned him